10 activities to do at home during confinement

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That’s it, the news has fallen! For at least 15 days, we must stay confined to our homes to fight against the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The luckiest will be happy to spend more time with their family, spouse, cat, dog… but for the others, you will have to be content with yourself, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… A real challenge to take up!

Whether you are alone at home or accompanied, here is a list of activities to do at home to help you pass the time in the coming weeks.

DIY and little ideas to decorate your apartment

On the internet, there are DIY tutorials galore: simple and quick ideas to do at home, without specific skills and with little material. Scissors, yarn, plastic bottles or glass jars and a few temperas are enough to create small decorations that will beautify your home. It’s a good time to have fun and let your imagination run wild.

Do online training or watch conferences

Depending on your areas of interest, you can register for online training or on e-learning platforms, such as UdemyCoursera… These sites offer distance learning courses, free or paid, in all fields and for all levels.

For example, you can start learning a new language, take music lessons, take computer development or web design training…. It’s up to you, but it’s the perfect opportunity to professionalize yourself.

You can also follow web conferences on your sector of activity or open up to other horizons. The platform Webikeo offers thousands of them to watch in replay.

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Read a book

Got a ton of books you never got to finish? No more excuses! Freed from responsibilities, social constraints and other commitments, you can devote most of your time to reading. Novels are a great tip for traveling from your couch!

Play sports

You may be more motivated in the gym, but confinement should not discourage you. Daily exercises are still necessary to keep the line and prepare for sunny days. You can train by watching online videos of certified coaches as you can improvise. The main thing is to move!

Take a look on Youtube or on the replay of Gym Direct, you will find plenty of videos to accompany you in your sporting activity at home.

Cooking and eating healthy

During this period, it is important to strengthen your immune defenses. Eating healthy is a good way to keep in shape. Take the time to prepare your own meals, you may be an excellent cook with hidden talents. And if you already cook, take advantage of this confinement to test new recipes. This activity will take your mind off things and help you pass the time.

Watch movies and series

This will certainly be one of the star activities of this confinement. If you don’t have Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, no problem, many paid platforms provide some free movies to watch during this period.

Between comedies, films and adventure series, you will be spoiled for choice and you may even find time for the great classics.

To play board games

Monopoly, Uno, Cluedo… and other more or less famous games kept us company in the long winter evenings. These board games taught us the first basics of strategy and helped us to surpass ourselves. It’s time to rediscover the old ones and maybe even some new ones?! It’s a creative and fun way to pass time and an opportunity to strengthen family bonds with a group activity.

If you are confined on your own, you can download games to play online or on a network.

Keep in touch and organize aperitifs and meals on Skype

The current period forces us to review our little habits and operating methods. So no question of cutting all ties (you might get depressed) just organize yourself differently! In order not to feel isolated, discussions on Skype or Facetime are a very good way to exchange with your family or friends. You can organize a Skyp’apéro and cook, for example, the same meal following the popular recipe from a cookbook that you have never opened. Prepare everything in advance: chips, soda, tapas… and enjoy your e-party.

You can also test the app house partyto party with your friends online.

Organize your cupboards

Why not take the opportunity to start your spring cleaning? Once a year, we stick to it and it’s when the sun comes out with the first primroses that we think it’s time to do a little spring cleaning.

And then, as we have to move from the winter wardrobe to the summer one, we might as well store our clothes and everything else in a clean house!

So here we go, open your cupboards and get rid of the superfluous, sort your winter things and replace them with summer ones. You’ll see, it’s really good for morale.

Keep a logbook

It’s now or never ! Current events are a unique moment that will mark your life. Keeping a logbook is a very beautiful experience and a beautiful testimony of what you are going through. When this historic crisis is behind us, you can pass it on to the next generations and tell everything you’ve been through, the activities you’ve done, the emotions you’ve been through…

Writing a journal will help you look a little deeper for words to use to better define what you are thinking and feeling. Take the opportunity to take stock of your goals, manage your emotions and organize your future projects.

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