10 tips to enjoy your summer vacation

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We often dream of distant heavenly destinations, but for many of us, the determining factor for going on a trip is the price! It is therefore important to know how to travel cheaper so as not to spend its annual budget on a single trip.

Here are our tips and advice for traveling cheaper, finding great vacation deals, saving money on plane tickets…

  1. TGV and intercity train discounts

If you plan to travel by train during your holidays, consider the SNCF advantage cards! You can take them at 49 € and make them profitable from the 1st round trip.

There are three cards that allow the children accompanying you (1 to 3 children aged 4 to 11) to benefit from a 60% reduction.

The Adult advantage card allows the adult accompanying you to benefit from the same reduction, namely 60%.

If you have an advantage card, the price of tickets is capped even if you take your tickets at the last minute! They will never exceed the following amounts:

  • 39€ for short journeys, less than 1h30 and 19€ for children
  • €59 for intermediate journeys, between 1h30 and 3h and €29 for children
  • 79€ for the longest journeys, more than 3 hours and 39€ for children

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  1. French motorway subscription

Do you want to save time on the road to vacation? Opt for the electronic toll badge!

At toll booths on the motorway, the badge is automatically detected from inside your vehicle and the barriers open to let you pass. The borrowed toll amounts will be deducted directly from your bank account.

At the end of your free 12-month subscription, you will only pay for the months during which you used your badge, up to €2 per month. If you haven’t used it, you pay nothing.

  1. The Zellidja scholarship

This scholarship is granted to motivated young people aged 16 to 20, who undertake to go on a trip alone, for a minimum of one month, with a study project on the subject of their choice.

Worth €900 for a first trip and €1,100 for a second, the Zellidja grant finances projects that combine travel, discovery and initiative.

To qualify, you must meet the following conditions:

  • be between 16 and 20 years old;
  • travel alone for a minimum of one month;
  • submit a road book and a study report on your return.

More information on the website of the Zellidja foundation.

  1. Holiday vouchers from the Paris City Hall

Thanks to the Paris Jeunes Vacances scheme of the Paris City Hall, any Parisian aged 16 to 30 can benefit from holiday vouchers worth €100.

Candidates who have a difficult social situation (grant holders, subsidized contracts, etc.) can have up to €200 in holiday vouchers.

To benefit from it, submit a vacation plan that meets the following conditions:

  • stay of at least four days and three nights;
  • stay for tourist purposes;
  • stay for a maximum of six people.

You must complete the application online and submit it to the town hall of your borough. A commission meets at least twice a year to decide on the files.

More info by here.

  1. Auctions

Sites for auctions, leisure offers or weekends/holidays are starting to develop in France, such as “Loisirs Enchères” or “VavaBid”.

These are exclusive, time-limited offers that you can bet on. The person who makes the final bid wins the bid at the price they bid.

The stay auction is never free, but it still allows you to benefit from very advantageous stay prices!

You will be able to have reductions of 40 to 50%, make good deals and pay a ridiculous price compared to the standard rate.

How to do it ?

There are no sites dedicated to holiday auctions. Specialists like www.voyage-prive.com rather do private sales. A large number of individuals are selling vacations they no longer want.

To try your luck, regularly consult generalist auction sites such as ebay.fr.

The offer is often limited when it comes to auctions organized by individuals. Please note that stays offered for sale generally do not include accommodation. If you come across the right proposal, you can organize all your holidays in just a few clicks.

  1. Get your vacation sponsored

Are you a web enthusiast? You can associate yourself with a product from any major brand and have your vacation sponsored.

How to do it ?

If you are planning to leave for 15 days, there is no need to call on private companies to sponsor your vacation. On the other hand, if you want to take a real break and leave for several months, consider submitting a presentation file of your trip to the communication services of the partners concerned.

The idea is to put forward a well-founded project that highlights the values ​​defended by the companies solicited: mutual aid, solidarity, discovery, social bond…

Attention ! Travel sponsorship is not for everyone. It requires long-term work carefully organized well before departure.

  1. Private sales, flash sales…

The big travel sites regularly offer special sales. You will find them during each period of school holidays and/or departures: All Saints’ Day, Christmas, Easter, winter holidays, spring summer… There are some all year round!

Can’t skip the page Last Minutes ! They can be found on tour operator sites with immediate departures and discounts of 40 to 60%. A good opportunity if you don’t have a specific destination!

You can also take advantage of flash sales. These are limited-time sales that provide access to exclusive discounts and prices on separate offers on certain departure dates only. You will find them, for example, at Ryanair, Emirates, Weekendesk, Transavia, Thalasseo, Accorhotels…

There are also sites specializing in flash sales like Groupon where you can find travel, weekend and leisure offers…

The websites of Private sales are also another good travel plan! They are reserved for members registered free of charge and only offer event sales, limited in time on luxury or high-end offers, with negotiated prices and reductions that can go up to -70%. Sign up and subscribe to their newsletter. Registration is free and you will receive an email every day.

  1. Find the cheapest prices

Check and compare prices before booking with comparators like Kayak, Liligo or Skyscanner.

If you don’t have a specific destination in mind, you can follow the private sales at Verychic, Voyage Privé or Idiliz to find a cheap trip.

Some destinations may offer very significant discounts for a limited period. Attention ! Do not forget to read the conditions of sale carefully before booking.

To take advantage of the best possible price on a trip, wait until the day before your departure. Some tour operators specializing in last-minute trips such as Last Minute offer new offers every day! But beware, it does not work all the time or on all types of trips.

  1. Airbnb

The rental of accommodation between individuals has greatly developed in recent years with the arrival of Airbnb.

Renting an apartment offers several advantages. Generally, the owners offer special offers on longer periods.

You can get up to 70% off by switching to the monthly rate on Airbnb. It is sometimes cheaper to leave for 4 weeks than 3!

When you plan to leave for 5-6 days, check the offer for a full week. It sometimes costs less, even if you leave before the end of your reservation.

And before booking, always try to negotiate. This works more than half the time, especially if you are traveling in low season and contact the accommodation a few days before the arrival date. The owner will then have no choice but to accept your offer at the risk of not renting his apartment.

  1. Tips for cheaper tickets!

Transport is a big item of expenditure in the vacation budget.

Have you ever seen the price of a train or plane ticket increase between two searches on the internet?

You have been the victim of IP tracking, a technique used by many tour operators and carriers. They spot your search and raise their prices when you return to the site.

To get your tickets at the right price, always remember to empty your search engine history and switch to private browsing.

Most travelers plan their stay over the weekend and book on Sunday afternoon or evening. Wait until Monday morning to make your reservation, prices could drop!

To save money on train tickets, the advantage cards, although chargeable, can quickly pay for themselves. For example, the youth card, at 49 euros, guarantees capped prices even during periods of great departures as well as reductions of 30%.

It is possible to benefit, once a year, from at least a 25% reduction on your TGV Inoui, TER or Intercités tickets!

You can apply for it if you are an employee, craftsman, trainee or job seeker. This device does not apply to students.

For plane tickets, consult the sites of flight comparators which will allow you to find good deals.

When it comes to the train, consider the Interrail Rail Pass. An ideal option for travelers who like to move. It allows you to travel on most European trains. There are two formulas:

  • the Interrail Global Pass to explore several countries
  • or the Interrail One Country Pass to discover the country of your choice.

Good holidays !

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