2055: the multinational Neuralink dominates the world [Crypto Dystopie]

What will our world be like in 2055? – Our favorite cryptos will they have disappeared or will they be more than ever at the heart of our lives? Will the Bitcoin blockchain have changed the face of the world? We had fun, through little stories, to imagine our world in the not so distant future. The story that follows is fictionalized, imaginary, without any pretension to guess the future. Have fun with us and embark in the DeLorean JDC, direction 2055!


Annecy, March 30, 2055, 9:55 a.m. – Along the Promenade Jacquet, a hooded individual ran away towards the Jardins de l’Europe. 28 km/h, the maximum to which its Neuralink v11.7 chip allows it to go. 20 meters behind him, the police forces inexorably catch up with him, propelled at full speed by the latest generation of v28.5 chip.

In this world where man is almost one with the machine, the technological incursion into the heart of the living has reinforced human inequalities.

9:57 a.m. – Hermès control station, floor 127 of the Tower Neuralink in Paris.

– … sir, I have his identity. Lucas Sieff, a neighborhood pickpocket. He has already been arrested for a few minor offenses, details Alexa Martin to his superior, in front of a battery of surveillance screens.

“Good, let’s neutralize him immediately.” He downloaded the NeuraSphere source code. He must not escape us, orders Philip Klauss, sector 74 security officer.

— Right away, Mr. Klauss, replies Nora, central artificial intelligence (AI).

9:59 a.m. – Annecy, Gardens of Europe. A powerful electrical discharge from his chip begins to run through Lucas’ body and freezes him in his tracks. Under the effect of the pain, he collapses in the grass, unconscious. The police handcuff him and take him to the station.

TotalWitter, the global SuperApp

12:40 p.m. – Cassandra crosses Place François de Menthon towards the Subway. She has already ordered her menu via TotalWitter. This Unique Global SuperApp developed by Neuralink has gradually engulfed the net. Why she ? Because she’s the only one able to communicate with the Neuralink chips, of course. Chips that have become essential to an instantaneous Internet. A network that now exists directly in the brains of individuals.

In 2055, there is only one company left to rule the world with a single crypto currency, the NeuraCoin.
In 2055, a single leader, a single multinational, a single App, a single currency

12:45 p.m. – Cassandra gets her favorite Chicken Tikka salad back. In the blink of an eye – and this is not a way of speaking –, some NeuraCoin join the brand’s wallet.

Here, a notification pops up in the corner of his head. It’s a new article from the NeuraCoin Journal, she wonders, eating.

Breaking: the thief of the NeuraSphère arrested by the police… »

– Damn it! Cassandra exclaims.

The advent of GAFAM currencies

The NeuraCoin. After the unprecedented monetary crisis of the 1930s – 2030 – private currencies imposed themselves. Those of GAFAM. Facebook, with the failure of Libra had been the precursor of a major movement. In 2030, on the other hand, there was no longer any question of failure.

With the weakening of the power of state currencies and the ever greater growth tech giants, the latter imposed their control on the world. Google’s GCoin, Meta’s MetaCoin, Apple’s iCoin and of course, the NeuraCoin. After a merciless struggle between these octopuses now beyond the reach of state domination, it was finally NeuraCoin that prevailed.

1:45 p.m. – Cassandra hurries to the premises of Neuralink Annecy. At 2 p.m., she must participate in a meeting to present the NeuraSphère: the next software update v30.0 of the Neuralink chips available tomorrow. It will offer its holders a 2% muscle boost and immunity to the ever-persistent Covid 47.

Cassandra also has a busy afternoon. She still has to validate the commercials that will invade the minds of part of the population when they wake up tomorrow morning. Those individuals who allow ads to take over their brains in exchange for a ‘universal income’ generously donated by Neuralink.

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The rebellion against the power in place

A population connected to the global network…

4:30 p.m. – Pressed against a wall, in an alley, Leo breathes deeply. He almost got caught. His doctored fake chip broke down at the worst possible time. As he was about to pay her new pair of sneakers at Foot Locker.

Leo stammered in front of the seller and claimed to have changed his mind when he saw the payment bug. Then he fled, abandoning his pair of shoes. But the look of the merchant spoke volumes. Provided he does not warn the police.

Leo is a without chip as they are called. He is part of a minority who refuses to connect to the Neuralink network. A minority condemned to hide in order not to be noticed in a society where each individual, from the age of 10, is connected to the global network.

In 2055, every individual has access to the Internet directly through their mind.  The counterpart is a chaining of the population and total surveillance.
In 2055, the Internet is directly in your head

… within which emerges a dissident minority…

In fact, the ” without chip are deprived of most day-to-day services. Leo browses the Internet via an old reconfigured iPhone 32. And uses a makeshift chip, hidden behind his ear for most of his interactions with the network. But sometimes, like today, it sucks.

His eyes suddenly fall on a poster whose whiteness contrasts with the blackness of the wall against which it is pressed. A paper poster. Amazing. It’s been a long time since paper printing equipment disappeared, gradually being rendered obsolete by digital supremacy.

His curiosity piqued, Leo approaches to read the message.

« Bar Le Shelter, March 30, 7:30 p.m., CLAN

Pass phrase: how is your blanquette? »

It’s a notice of a secret meeting organized by the Anti Neuralink Committee.

Paper, an invention of the Middle Ages, is now the main vector of private communication. The safest way to send a message. In an ultra-monitored digital world, secrets are plastered all over the city, out of sight of surveillance cameras. The police and the AIs on NeuraLink’s payroll are far too busy to monitor the vastness of the web 3 to pay attention to it.

… who struggles against the established power

7:30 p.m. – Leo rushes into the seedy bar. A security guard comes quickly towards him.

“How’s your blanquette?” asks Leo, not reassured.

— The blanquette is good. It’s the back door on the right, grumbles the security guard.

Leo rushes into the dark room. Nemo Luskat the head of the CLAN, has already started his briefing.

(…) This morning’s operation unfortunately failed. Our infiltrator at Neuralink, Cassandra, managed to transmit the code of the NeuraSphere to Lucas. But he got caught. We are currently looking for the best way to get him out of there. In the meantime, we must move on to the next step, there is no time to lose. We need to hack Neuralink’s servers tonight. In order to prevent the broadcast of ads scheduled tomorrow morning for the promotion of the NeuraSphère. (…) »

And if the power of GAFAM one day take precedence over that of the States? In a world that exacerbates inequalities, and promotes infinite growth of multinationals, isn’t this the inevitable culmination of our ultra-capitalist model? With policies in the pay of lobbies and currencies trapped in an infinite print loop, will States still be able to remain masters at the edge of a world that tends to escape them? And if not, will we move towards total control under the aegis of a single power that will enslave the world for the benefit of its personal interests? Response in 2055.

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