5 tips for a successful video interview

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If until now the video interview represented a second option for recruiters, this practice is now more common in times of crisis. Succeeding in a video interview requires different preparation than traditional hiring processes.

The video interview helps to establish a first contact with the candidate and to identify more quickly and with more precision the potential of the future collaborator. This step also makes it possible to assess the conditions or circumstances of a second face-to-face meeting if necessary.

The video interview has relatively the same relevance as a traditional meeting and requires the same preparation with a little more foresight. One thing to remember: being well prepared and having confidence in yourself is the key to a successful interview.

Deferred vs Instant

The video interview can be done instantly, so questions will be unannounced. If it’s delayed, the recruiter may ask you to record a video clip where you answer a pre-established list of questions. This second option is often less stressful. The candidate can prepare differently, manage their time, review their answers, and find the best way to highlight their soft skills.

For the recruiter, this pre-selection process is more efficient, faster and less costly. He can grasp the different facets of the candidate, emotions, reactions, perceptions and get a clear and complete idea of ​​his profile.

Offline, the recruiter can send you a redirect link to a page where you can save your answers. For each question, you will have a few minutes to consider the topic before presenting your answer.

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Choose the right environment

Whether the video interview is live or delayed, the environment must be comfortable and quiet to allow for optimal recording. Try to limit background noise, which could create interruptions or interfere with the recording.

Also think about the lighting, avoid dark or overly lit places and don’t position yourself against the light.

The background should be as neutral and professional as possible.

Prepare yourself technically

For the smooth running of your interview, technical preparation is essential. Place your computer or smartphone on a flat, stable surface. Also find out about the platform(s) to install or the possible options. The most common are Skype, Zoom, Teams or Google Meet.

Make sure your microphone, webcam and internet connection are working properly. If necessary, use headphones to improve sound quality and isolate surrounding noise.

Take care of your clothes

First impressions can be decisive. Dressing appropriately will give the recruiter confidence that you’re taking things seriously.

Take care of your appearance and dress as if you were going to a traditional physical interview. Avoid overly casual outfits!
Avoid bright or flashy colors at best, white can also look too bright and awkward on camera. Stay away from cluttered prints and designs that can distract the recruiter. The same goes for contrasting colors. Wear soft, solid colors, such as dark blue or brown.

The lower part of your body may be less exposed, but certain situations may require you to get up: a cable to fix, your connection lagging, your microphone stopping working, etc. It’s not worth taking a risk, which could negatively impact your image.

be punctual

A priori, the video format reduces the possible causes of delay. Only last-minute technical problems can surprise you. It is therefore better to log in in advance.

Log in a few minutes before the set time and wait for the recruiter’s video call. Never call first. If after 5 minutes nobody connects, send an email or a message to the recruiter to announce your availability. The recruiter could possibly have technical problems contacting you.

Watch your body language

Body language is very important in any first contact.

The video interview offers the opportunity to express oneself through gestures and expressions. A candidate who feels comfortable, smiles, shows empathy and enthusiasm conveys a positive impression to the recruiter and establishes good common ground.

It is essential to watch your movements and gain confidence. Sit in a comfortable position to feel comfortable.

At the end of your interview, consider sending a thank you email and re-expressing your interest in the position you want. To get a first idea of ​​the impression of the recruiter, you can also ask for feedback on the conduct of the interview.

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