“A question of life, death and Europe”: Volodymyr Zelensky acclaimed before the European Parliament

"A question of life, death and Europe": Volodymyr Zelensky acclaimed before the European Parliament

A question of life death and Europe Volodymyr Zelensky acclaimed

Focusing his speech on solidarity, Volodymyr Zelensky nevertheless reiterated his call for new arms deliveries. “We ask you to continue to help us, to increase your help”, he launched before estimating that this aid was “a matter of life, death and Europe”. “We defend ourselves, we defend you (…) I am sure that Russian aggression will break the teeth on our defense”, he assured, before welcoming the EU’s decision to have paved the way for Ukraine’s accession, six days after the start of the Russian offensive.

“We have a common history, it is that of Europe, we are Europeans”, asserted Volodymyr Zelensky. “We want to become members of the European Union, Ukraine wants to be part of this effort, Ukraine wants to gain membership,” assured the president again before concluding: “We don’t rely on words, we act. We don’t back down before the enemy, we stand firm. Europe will remain with us, free. Glory to Ukraine”.

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