Administrative procedures when you are unemployed

HEYME student health insurance

In times of crisis, some companies are unfortunately led to lay off staff and if you enter working life, this famous “first job” can be more complicated to find.

Suffering the consequences of the current health crisis is not an easy situation but don’t panic, you can manage to get out of this bad patch.

You must begin the necessary steps as soon as possible to receive unemployment benefits and benefit from follow-up and support in your professional project. Here are the steps to follow.

HEYME student health insurance

Step 1: Check your eligibility for unemployment benefit

Before starting the process to benefit from unemployment benefits, it is essential to meet certain criteria and conditions that you can check on the on the site

  • Be unemployed following a termination of fixed-term contract or a dismissal;
  • Have contributed more than 6 months to unemployment insurance during the
  • last 24 months;
  • Be actively looking for a job and immediately
  • available ;
  • Not be a full-time employee;
  • Not be on paid notice;
  • Not being in training;
  • Not be on probation;
  • Not be on sick leave;
  • Not be on maternity or paternity leave;

If you meet all these criteria, you can start your procedures with Pôle emploi, your one and only contact to be able to benefit from unemployment benefits. This organization can also support you in your job search and offer you additional training.

Step 2: register with Pôle Emploi

In order to guarantee your rights and receive your unemployment benefits, you must register with Pôle emploi to submit your application.

Register as soon as possible and this just after your real availability, directly after the end of your notice or your contract.

It is best to register the day after your last day of work so that your registration takes effect and your compensation is not delayed.

Your registration on the site marks the beginning of your application.

If you have not registered on time, Pôle emploi will pay you the months of unpaid unemployment on a pro rata basis.

You can register for Pôle emploi online on the website Pôle in the register section. It’s fast, convenient and free!

You can also register at one of the Pôle emploi agencies, at the free access terminals or by telephone by calling 3949 regardless of your place of residence.

You have 12 months from the end of your employment contract to register with the employment center and claim your rights to unemployment benefits. This period may be extended in the event of force majeure such as an accident, illness, if you are in training or during an internship.

When your registration is effective, you will receive a registration file to complete and return within 5 days.

Step 3: The interview with the Pôle emploi adviser

After completing and returning your registration file, you will be called by email or by post to attend an interview with an adviser at the Pôle emploi agency on which you depend. Your physical presence is mandatory.

This interview validates both your registration as a job seeker and your application for unemployment benefits.

To finalize your registration, you must provide the following documents:

  • Your identity card;
  • Your carte vitale (social security card);
  • A certificate from the last employer;
  • Your payslips;
  • A bank account statement (RIB);
  • A residence permit and an authorization to work for foreigners;

You must provide a valid email address at which Pôle emploi can contact you.

You will be given a jobseeker’s card and the adviser will discuss your professional project with you.

Step 4: In the event of a change in the situation, notify the employment center within 72 hours

In case of change of professional situation (resumption of professional activity, internship, training) or personal (sick leave, accident, maternity leave, paternity leave, change of place of residence, etc.), you must inform Pôle emploi, within 72 hours, of any changes likely to have an impact on your registration as a jobseeker. .

Step 6: Avoid Radiation

To continue to receive your unemployment benefits and avoid having your rights canceled at Pôle Emploi, you must respect a certain number of rules and criteria:

  • Be able to justify your job searches;
  • Update your file each month at Pôle emploi;
  • Do not make false statements;
  • Do not refuse reasonable job offers;
  • Do not abandon a training run by the Pôle d’emploi without a valid reason;
  • Go to the appointment with your employment center adviser, your physical presence is mandatory;

Step 7: a personal prospection

A personal prospection will prove that you are determined and independent.

You must be active in your job search and not rely solely on Pôle Emploi. This organization is a relay, it is therefore essential to prospect yourself to increase your chances of finding a job.

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