Afghanistan: public execution, women’s rights… The Taliban’s shattered promises

Afghanistan: public execution, women's rights... The Taliban's shattered promises

Afghanistan public execution womens rights The Talibans shattered promises

Islamic law is making a comeback in the country. And, with it, sanctions such as public executions, stonings and floggings, or the amputation of limbs for thieves. On Wednesday, December 7, the Taliban thus carried out the execution of a man accused of murder in front of several hundred people in Farah (west). The condemned man was killed by three bullets fired by the father of his victim, under the law of retaliation. And this Thursday, 27 people were whipped in front of the crowd. The reasons given? Sodomy, adultery, false testimony, debauchery, flight from the marital home or theft as well as the sale and possession of drugs.

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