After the baccalaureate: what to expect?

HEYME student health insurance

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You have just had your baccalaureate, but you already feel lost by all the administrative procedures that await you?

Between the finalization of your registration files, your search for accommodation, the compulsory subscription to a civil liability insurance or to a mutual insurance company… There is enough to lose your head!

HEYME, the first student mutual insurance company explains everything to you:

Have your wish requests been accepted?

Congratulation ! It’s time to finalize your registration with your host institution before the start of the course!

Generally, your future institution will ask you to provide the following supporting documents:

  • copies of your baccalaureate transcript;
  • copies of the certificate of your participation in the defense and citizenship day;
  • copies of your identity card or passport;
  • your photo ID which will be used to make your student card;
  • If you are a scholarship holder, you must provide the conditional award certificate from the CROUS (regional center for university and school works).

Your establishment will then give you a school certificate and a student card which will prove your student status. These documents will be delivered to you in person, after payment of the registration fees.

HEYME student health insurance

Your requests for wishes are unanswered?

You have passed your baccalaureate but unfortunately you have not yet received an admission proposal?

Rest assured, you still have the “complementary admission phase”.

The complementary phase allows candidates to formulate new wishes for training that reserves the available places.

This phase begins on June 16, 2021 at 2 p.m. and candidates can make 10 new wishes until September 16 inclusive.

Some courses are not available on Parcoursup. For these, registration must be made directly with the establishments offering them. This is the case, for example, of certain training in specialized schools.

Student housing insurance HEYME

Liability insurance: mandatory

Another mandatory thing … but it will surely be useful to you!

Civil liability insurance is the continuity of your school insurance. In the following situations:

  • You run over your teacher’s cat with no hesitation
  • You are flying the computer of work for a moment of inattention to the Starbucks
  • You jostle your colleague in the amphi, and he breaks his leg
  • You sit on a friend’s glasses

In these cases, your Geeklay liability insurance will take care of the involuntary damage that you could have caused to others. And all that for only 13€/year.

You can subscribe online now to get rid of it by clicking right here:

👉 HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

If you are a medical or paramedical student, HEYME offers you medical civil liability to cover you in the context of your internships, on-call duty or care.

Mutual: study with peace of mind

The student mutual insurance company allows you to be covered against the vagaries of life and supports your health expenses during your studies.

A chance of life, it may be:

  • A sprained ankle
  • Hospitalization
  • Glasses to change
  • A toothache
  • Pregnancy

In short, not always funny things that arrive when we least expect it!

Even if Social Security will reimburse you with part of your care, there will always be an additional part to get out of your pocket. And when you have a slightly tight student budget, it can quickly hurt (very) badly …

This is where HEYME comes in! We offer you a digital student mutual from € 9.90/month, to ensure your health at a lower cost. So you can focus on your studies and your student life, while we take care of the rest!

  • Civil liability insurance included
  • Doctors available everywhere in your pocket in micro-consultation
  • A 100% good deals mobile app
  • All your HEMy services available in a mobile app
  • Contraception package
  • Hygienic protection package

If you want to discover all our guarantees and take advantage of our exclusive advantages, click just here:

👉 HEYME student mutual

Accommodation: top 4 of the best solutions


Are you afraid of finding yourself in unknown territory alone? The roommate is the ideal solution!

Advantages : a more affordable price, a larger living area and new encounters.

The inconvenients : you have to adapt to others, define rules of cohabitation and support community life.

HEYME insures your shared accommodation from €31/month, click here to find out more:

Single accommodation

Do you like adventure and do you dream of being able to fly on your own? Rent your accommodation solo!

Advantages : It’s at your house ! Which implies that you will be free. Free to eat off the floor if you want, no one will judge you, and that’s cool. You will also be quiet to revise your lessons whenever you want.

The inconvenients : A higher budget than the other possibilities available to you, but that is the price of independence. Your responsibilities, you will have to assume from now on.

To support you in your independence, HEYME insures your accommodation from €31/month (i.e. €2.58/month), just click here to find out more:

The student residence

Independent accommodation at the right price and close to your place of study? Head to the student residence!

Advantages : This is the most economical solution. It will allow you to quickly meet other students and expand your circle of friends. Generally well served by public transport, you can easily reach your place of study.

The inconvenients : Some common spaces can be shared, such as the kitchen or the bathroom, and you generally have to enjoy living together.

To get your return to a student residence off to a good start, HEYME insures your accommodation from €31/month, click here to find out more:

👉 HEYME student housing insurance

The “I stay at home”

You have chosen the ultimate easy way out. And you’re right ! Who would refuse an all-inclusive accommodation?

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