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The SNEE National Student-Entrepreneur Status allows students and young graduates who wish to create a business, to prepare an entrepreneurial project by being helped, supervised and accompanied within the Student Center for Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship ( NUGGET).

This student center supports young entrepreneurs in their business creation project in good conditions with maximum security and visibility.

Who can benefit ?

Any student or young graduate with a business creation project of a certain magnitude can benefit from it. You will be judged on your motivation and your interpersonal qualities or soft skills.

To obtain the SNEE, you must hold a baccalaureate or equivalent and be under the age of 28, the age limit for benefiting from student social security coverage.

HEYME student health insurance

How to obtain the National Student Entrepreneur Status?

Simply send your application online to the PÉPITE attached to your establishment.

The PÉPITE commitment committee is responsible for studying the application files and validating or not the business creation projects.

The selection is made on the basis of the scope and feasibility of the project.

Following a favorable opinion from the PÉPITE commitment committee, you will obtain the National Student Entrepreneur Status through the Ministry of Higher Education.

The advantages of the National Student Entrepreneur Status

For students

Are you a student and do you want to set up an entrepreneurial project as part of your career? The SNEE gives you certain advantages.

It will allow you to combine studies and an entrepreneurial project while benefiting from adjustments to your schedule. You can organize your studies according to your availability.

It will also allow you to obtain ECTS credits (Credits Transfer System) useful within the framework of ERASMUS programs for example.

Thanks to this status, your entrepreneurial project, validated by the PÉPITE commitment committee, can replace the compulsory internship at the end of your university course.

The SNEE entitles you to a gap year to help you obtain your diploma.

You can also sign a Business Project Support Contract (CAPE) with an activity and employment cooperative (CAE) or another PÉPITE practitioner partner.

The SNEE is a recognized official status that will give your project a lot of credibility with banks, suppliers and potential customers. It is a solid argument for seeking funding.

For young graduates

The SNEE allows you to maintain or regain your student status throughout the period of business creation.

You will be able to continue to benefit from scholarships granted on the basis of social criteria and your student social security coverage as well as all student rates.

The SNEE also allows you to keep your Pôle Emploi rights if you are looking for a job.

Benefits of the SNEE for students and recent graduates within a PÉPITE

Are you a student or recent graduate and would you like to be trained in entrepreneurship and innovation, within a PÉPITE? Several services will be offered to you.

You will be able to benefit from a free place in the coworking spaces of your PÉPITE. In the premises of the PÉPITE, you will have access to digital tools to promote networking and the sharing of information, advice and experiences between students and entrepreneurs. You will have the necessary support for the creation of your company in the best conditions.

You will also be able to benefit from qualifying training in entrepreneurship and management, which is very useful for launching your business creation project.

You will be advised by teachers, professionals and external referents of the PÉPITE (entrepreneurs, advisers from support and financing establishments).

You can ask for a personalized supervision adapted to your entrepreneurial project. You will be followed by a teacher who will be able to support you in order to best reconcile studies and an entrepreneurial project.

Will I need health insurance?

Yes !

To better cover you during your entrepreneurial adventure, it is important to take out freelance mutual insurance with extended guarantees such as HEYME Freelance. Thus, you avoid suffering a difficult financial situation following high medical costs related to:

  • hospitalization costs;
  • routine care;
  • optical care;
  • dental care.

You can adapt your health insurance according to your real needs thanks to reinforcements:

  • dental: better reimbursements on prostheses and flat rates on implantology and periodontology
  • optics: better reimbursements on frames, glasses, lenses and partial coverage of eye surgery
  • overruns included: better reimbursements of medical fees/acts, flat rate for a single room, alternative medicine flat rate.

In the event of illness or accident abroad, you can benefit from repatriation assistance. Finally, daily life assistance covers the costs incurred following hospitalization such as transport to the hospital, accommodation costs for a loved one, childcare, etc.

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