Apprentices and trainees, between status and social coverage

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Internships or apprenticeship programs can be real springboards for integrating quickly into working life.

Be careful not to confuse internship and apprenticeship, especially in terms of insurance, because they do not offer the same guarantees.

Let’s take a look at health coverage for interns and apprentices.

Apprentices and trainees, what is the difference?

Trainee status

The intern signs an internship agreement and not an employment contract, so he does not benefit from the status of employee in the company.

A gratification becomes compulsory from 2th month of internship. The amount must be equivalent to 15% of the hourly social security ceiling. By respecting certain conditions, the employer can benefit from an exemption from contributions and social security contributions.

Apprentice status

The apprentice signs an apprenticeship contract which allows him to benefit from a status and rights similar to those of other employees.

The remuneration of an apprentice varies according to two criteria: age and level of training.

With the apprenticeship contract, the employer can claim total or partial exemption from social charges, certain financial aid and tax credit.

What coverage for an intern?

The intern is covered by student social security throughout his internship period. The rights to which he can claim depend mainly on his training allowance or gratuity.

Bonus greater than or equal to 15%

In this case, the host company is responsible for covering the intern who can benefit from:

  • Reimbursement of health costs in the event of illness and maternity
  • Subject to conditions, the payment of daily allowances in the event of sick leave, maternity or paternity leave and reception of the child or adoption leave and disability and death insurance.

HEYME student health insurance

Bonus zero or less than 15%

Under these conditions, the intern’s cover is taken care of by the school or university establishment. He can benefit from:

  • Reimbursement of health costs in the event of illness and maternity
  • From a blanket work accident (AT) and occupational disease (PM)

No daily allowance will be paid to the intern in the event of sick leave, maternity/paternity leave, reception or adoption of a child, nor for disability and death insurance.

The trainee’s civil liability

For all bodily injury and/or material damage caused to the trainee during his working hours or during the journey home-internship, the civil liability of the company is engaged.

On the other hand, it is the trainee’s civil liability that is engaged, if the latter is found to be the cause of the damage caused. Hence the importance and the need to take out insurance public liability.

What cover for an apprentice?

Because of his employment contract, the apprentice is affiliated to the Social Security system, in the same way as the other employees of the company.

In terms of social security, the apprentice can benefit from:

  • Reimbursement of health costs in the event of illness or maternity
  • Subject to conditions, daily allowances in the event of sick leave (sickness, maternity/paternity leave, reception or adoption of a child
  • Disability and death insurance.

Like other employees, the apprentice can benefit from complementary health insurance, as soon as the employment contract is signed.

He will be exempted from this compulsory collective mutual insurance if:

  • His contribution is less than 10% of his gross remuneration (contract of less than 12 months) and he justifies individual coverage
  • His contribution is equal to or greater than 10% of his gross remuneration.

The civil liability of the apprentice

During the apprenticeship period, it is the responsibility of the company which is engaged whether the apprentice is responsible for the damage or the victim of damage.

At the time of signing the apprenticeship contract, the Apprentice Training Centers (CFA) require a certificate of professional liability insurance from the employer in the majority of cases.

HEYME, the mutual fund for young students!

It is strongly recommended to take out health insurance, capable of providing the necessary cover for each student, regardless of the duration of their internship or the period of their apprenticeship.

HEYMEthe committed mutual health insurance company, offers comprehensive cover adapted to the needs of students and young workers.

From €9.90/month, the essential health needs of any apprentice or trainee (hospitalization, routine care, pharmacy, etc.) will be covered, through 4 levels of cover.

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