Ashfall: When NFTs and Web3 reinvent comics and video games

The young studio Lithos built and supported by leading players in the video game sector has just announced its first major title: Ashfall. A gaming experience that promises to be epic and which is already preceded by an original campaign in the form of comic strips, the episodes of which can be collected for free, in the form of NFT on the network Hedera Hashgraph. A form of amuse-bouche, before the heart of the saga to come is revealed, and a techno-community initiative that foreshadows the video game industry in the era of Web3.


The future of video games

If it is customary in our columns to discuss in particular BitcoinDecentralized Finance, the upheavals of economic paradigms enabled by the blockchain and crypto innovation, the holding week after week of the Meta-weekly proves it: these new models are likely to modify – for the best – all economic sectors.

And in these global modifications, the sectors of ” Entertainment », and especially that of the video game, is particularly concerned. The result is new technological levers, new economic models, but also greater inclusion of the community, which brands now sometimes involve from the design of projects, including when it comes to future AAAs.

A production studio made up of industry stalwarts

Very nice illustration today with the project AshFallsupported both by an incredible dream team of the sector, while fully surfing on a model that leads to social engagement on the networks of the same name, TikTok in the lead.

From the point of view of its production Ashfall is carried by the Liithos studio. Liithos is made up of industry veterans backed by talent from around the world. Let us judge: John Garvincreator of Days Gone is in the game, alongside the director of Last of Us, Michael Mumbauer. We will also mention Trammel Isaac from Fallout, the designer of Thor’s Love and Thunder, Marco IozziAnd the list is still long.

Robust and resolutely Web3 technological and strategic choices

Liithos works in particular on the architecture Hedera Hashgraph. We will recall that Hedera Hashgraph is a crypto project with quite unique characteristics. First of all, it is not made up of a “simple” blockchain, but of an architecture Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG). DAGs are particularly renowned for their resilience and their ability to withstand heavy loads, characteristics that the video game industry and its millions of players are particularly fond of.

In addition, the studio is associated with CoinZooma web3 fintech platform, based, audited and regulated licensed in the United States, offering a range of financial services and international digital assets using cash, and crypto payments.

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A new model of community and viral growth

It is no longer enough in 2023 to release a “good game” – was it Web3 – to find success. The leaders in the sector have understood this well, and have now recognized that advertising and marketing are nothing compared to the power of communities formed around common passions and opinion leaders. As such, Liithos has partnered with the tiktokeur Michael Thea dancer and creator followed by 52 million followers, as part of the program Liithos TikTok Creators.

“Today’s Superstars are supported by millions of fans and followers on TikTok, where we’ll find our newest Super Heroes and Villains. We seek to collaborate, integrate and elevate multimedia experiences with these superstars like Michael Le for the next generation. The Liithos TikTok Creators Series is the first in a long series of experiments that Liithos seeks to launch to create easy-to-use pathways between media and the ever-changing web3 space. »

Michael Mumbauerfounder and president of Liithos

Ahsfall, comic strip, social experiment or video game?

Ashfall will consist of a video game experience in a post-apocalyptic environment. The action will take place in the Pacific Northwest, ravaged by climate change, where the city of Seattle has been submerged under the ocean for hundreds of years.

But the fun experience begins long before the official release of the game, since it is now possible for the community to retrieve extracts from Comics for free on the Coinzoom platform, like so many fragments revealing the story to come.

The AshFall Comics

This first series offers free 5 digital collectibles, each including a 3-page “easter egg” of the next comic to collect for enthusiasts. All feature legendary comic book talent like Paul PelletierMarvel and DC artist (Aquaman, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.), Brett Booth (Backlash, Gunslinger), and Eisner Prize winner Tony Harris (Starman, ExMachina). Collectors will only have to pay a small transaction fee.

Participation in the entire event will be rewarded and the most ardent fans who have obtained the five digital items will benefit from a sixth new episode, as an exclusive bonus.

You can now immediately go claim your free collectibles on the Coinzoom platform and participate, you too, in an adventure that promises to be epic!

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Last Verdict

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