Avalanche and Tencent Cloud: a blockchain duo ready to conquer businesses

Avalanche announces its partnership with Tencent Cloud.

An avalanche of news – Avalanche (AVAX) is a layer 1 blockchain specializing in smart contracts. This is in fifth position among DeFi blockchains with nearlyone billion dollars worth of TVL. The network has just announced a partnership with Tencent Cloudgreat news for the developers of Avalanche.


Avalanche partners with Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud is a company that provides Cloud services to more than 24,000 companies around the world.

Wednesday, February 22, Ava Labsthe company behind the Avalanche network has unveiled A strategic partnership with Tencent Cloud.

Avalanche announces its partnership with Tencent Cloud.
Avalanche announces its partnership with Tencent Cloud.

“Ava Labs announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Tencent Cloud to support projects and developers in the Avalanche ecosystem. »

In practice, this partnership means that Tencent Cloud will now offer its customers the ability to deploy Avalanche full nodes on its cloud infrastructure. In addition, this service will also benefit validators of the Avalanche blockchain:

“Developers will be able to leverage Tencent Cloud’s infrastructure, as well as Avalanche’s Web3 products to build Web3 applications on the Avalanche blockchain. »

This type of service is extremely useful for developers of decentralized applications. Indeed, it allows them to easily and quickly deploy a complete node for their application.

Full nodes are essential for dApps to be able to communicate with the blockchain and retrieve the data stored on it.

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Towards subnets dedicated to companies

In addition to offering a full node hosting service, this partnership will allow both entities to explore the possibilities of Avalanche Subnets for enterprises.

“In addition to providing developers with rapid deployment of nodes, the two parties will also explore Avalanche subnets for enterprises to accelerate the adoption of Web3 technologies in traditional enterprises. »

In effect, Avalanche (AVAX) allows the creation of subnets, called Subnets. These can be compared to blockchains evolving in parallel with the main Avalanche blockchain. They have their own set of validator nodes.

As these Subnets are fully customizable, they are ideal for business blockchain. Indeed, it is possible to define many parameters there such as KYC, access management or even a personalized virtual machine.

Finally, it would seem that this partnership will also make it possible to develop thegaming ecosystem on Avalanche, as explained by Ed Chang, gaming manager at Ava Labs:

“The capabilities that Tencent and Avalanche will deliver are incredibly exciting for the future of games built on the blockchain. Tencent is a global powerhouse in both the gaming and infrastructure space, and this collaboration opens the door to building some truly amazing Web 3 gaming experiences. »

Tencent’s interest in blockchain is not isolated. Recently, the Indian game streaming platform, Loco revealed his desire to create his own subnet on Avalanche. The company wants to launch NFTs as well as fantasy leagues there.

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