Axie Infinity Hackers Hunted by Norwegian Police: $6 Million Recovered

Tweet from Aleksander Leonard Larsen who is delighted with the seizure of $5.9 million.

On the trail of hackers – The Play2Earn Axie Infinity has long spearheaded this field. However, last March, the story turned into a nightmare and Axie Infinity Gets $600 Million Hacked. From now on, this one tries to get up and recovers little by little some funds.


Axie Infinity continues to climb the slope

On March 30, 2022, the news falls. The bridge Roninwhich allows to relay Ethereum and the game Axie Infinity, was the victim of a hack. In reality, the attack had taken place a week earlier, on March 23. The attack passed under the radar, without arousing the suspicions of the Axie Infinity teams.

In total, the attacker managed to steal 173,600 ETH and 25.5 million USDC. It was then about 600 million dollars. This hack was the bloodiest of 2022 and may well be the biggest hack in the crypto ecosystem to date.

Finally, several months after the events, several sources announced that the attack was carried out by the North Korean hacker group Lazarus Group. For its part, the company Chainalysis was able to trace part of the funds and seize 30 million dollars.

Finally, at the end of June 2022, Axie Infinity teams announced the return of the Ronin Bridge. This time, much more secure than its predecessor.

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Another $5.9 million seized

Nearly a year after the events, investigators continue to closely monitor the movement of funds related to the hack.

Thus, on February 15, the Norwegian media VG announcement that the national authority responsible for investigating and prosecuting economic and environmental crime, or Økokrim, has announced that it has seized $5.9 million related to Axie Infinity hack.

This is the largest cryptocurrency seizure made by the Norwegian police.

Once again, the latter have used the transparency of the blockchain to their advantage to track funds.

“This case shows that we have a great ability to track money on the blockchain, even if criminals use advanced methods. »

Marianne Bender, First State Attorney.

This event was happily welcomed by the Axie Infinity teams, whose CEO wished to thank Binance for its help. Indeed, it would seem that the exchange platform was extremely reactive to freeze the funds in question.

Tweet from Aleksander Leonard Larsen who is delighted with the seizure of $5.9 million.
Aleksander Leonard Larsen is delighted with the seizure – Source: Twitter.

For its part, the course of the AXS resumed colors. Indeed, of many observers predicted a significant decline last October, at the time of the release of millions of AXS. Finally, this fall will have been caught up by the recent rise in the price.

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Last Verdict

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