Back to school 2022: which insurance(s) should I subscribe to?

HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

Renting accommodation, buying a car, joining a gym… All these stages of student life involve certain obligations. A brief overview of the insurance you must take out to live your student life peacefully.

Civil liability: protect your studies and your private life

Civil liability insurance (RC) covers bodily, material and immaterial damage that you could cause to others and which result from an involuntary act or recklessness.

Depending on the coverage taken out, the insurer repairs the damage caused to the third party (victim of the claim or accident) by paying financial compensation.

To cover incidents in your private life, you will be asked for a civil liability insurance contract to validate your registration in a higher education establishment, integrate a company or even for a student job or a sporting activity.

Excluded from civil liability are intentional damages and those that you cause to yourself.

Most of the time, civil liability is included in multi-risk home insurance (MRH).

HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

HEYME, a tailor-made solution for independent student life

Because student life is often hectic, HEYME offers you civil liability insurance from €13 per year with a wide range of guarantees adapted to your needs and your lifestyle.

This civil liability insurance contract allows you to cover damage caused to others during your studies, your internships in France or abroad. It will also cover your occasional activities like babysitting.

HEYME civil liability also concerns medical and paramedical students. It protects you during your first years of study but also during your internships in a hospital establishment.

👉 HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

Home insurance, your safety is at the heart of our concerns!

To cover the risks related to your place of residence and your property, it is mandatory to take out housing insurance when signing the rental lease. The ideal is to take out a multi-risk home insurance contract (MRH).

Whether you rent an apartment, a studio or a shared apartment, you will be held responsible for any damage you may cause to the accommodation during the rental: fire, water damage, acts of vandalism, natural disasters, damage electrical, etc.

If there are changes in your situation, such as in the event of a move, you will have to inform your insurer so that he can modify or terminate your contract.

Student accommodation insurance

Student housing insurance at HEYME

To protect the movable property and the occupants of your home, HEYME provides you with student accommodation insurance from €34 per year, perfectly suited to your needs and your budget.

The rates are flexible depending on the type of accommodation: CROUS, studio, T2, T3, etc.

For more information on our offers and guarantees, consult this link:

👉 HEYME student housing insurance

Car insurance for all drivers

Insuring a vehicle requires a prior analysis of the potential risks in order to be able to determine the guarantees essential to your situation.

As young drivers lack experience, insurance companies believe that the risk is greater and charge very high rates by applying what is called a surcharge.

After three years, this additional premium is no longer applicable provided you have had no accident.

There are several car insurance contracts (all-risk insurance, fire and theft, third-party insurance, etc.), the ideal is to choose the one that best suits your budget and the age of your vehicle.

As a student’s budget is limited, it is strongly recommended to buy a second-hand vehicle and opt for third-party insurance. This type of contract makes it possible to cover all the mandatory guarantees, in particular the civil liability guarantee to cover damage caused to third parties (drivers/pedestrians).

HEYME Crash Pack

With HEYME car insurance, you can drive safely!

Did you just get your driver’s license? Do you need to insure your vehicle? No problem !

To drive in complete peace of mind, HEYME offers you car insurance designed especially for young drivers from €6.50 per month.

In addition to car insurance, we offer you other guarantees to insure your motorcycle or scooter!

Find out about our car insurance formulas for complete coverage at unbeatable prices!

👉 HEYME car insurance

Health insurance: tailor-made solutions for students

Since September 2019, all students are attached to the CPAM and affiliated to the general social security scheme of their parents free of charge. However, this does not cover all medical expenses. It is therefore advisable to take out complementary health insurance.

To complete the reimbursement of the care provided, the student health supplements offer simple services at affordable prices and adapt to the profile of the students.

Regarding the departure of students abroad as part of their studies (internship, language stay, Erasmus exchange program or others), it is wise to take out travel insurance for optimal medical coverage.

HEYME student health insurance

HEYME, a major player in the field of student health insurance

Dedicated especially to students and young workers, the HEYME student mutual is accessible to everyone from €9.90 per month. Several formulas with 4 levels of guarantees are offered to better adapt to your needs.

Whether for routine care (consultation with a general practitioner or specialist, pharmacy) or for hospitalization costs, coverage will depend on the cover taken out and the level of cover chosen.

A range of services offered:

By subscribing to HEYME student mutual insurance, you will have access to unlimited medical teleconsultation with ABI to be in direct contact with doctors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To simplify your life, an application will allow you to view your reimbursements, download your third-party payment card and send your documents.

All HEYEME members benefit from access to the application of good deals and discounts from their favorite brands: Myreduc.

Accompanying you on a daily basis is our mission!

👉HEYME student health insurance

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