Back to school: 5 things to remember

Rentrée étudiante : 5 choses à ne pas oublier - Heyme

The holidays are coming to an end and a new school year is coming, accompanied by its share of stress and organization: setting up a flat share or moving into new accommodation, transport, health… so many changes that are taking place in your life. Don’t panic! Here are our tips for getting off to a good start. 1) Take out home insurance On a daily basis, no home is safe from disaster (water damage, electrical damage, fire, explosion, climatic event, glass breakage, vandalism, theft, etc.). If you move into a new home, whether it’s a studio, a shared apartment, a homestay or a CROUS residence, you absolutely must take out home insurance. A certificate will be required by your lessor to conclude the contract. Home insurance protects both your home and that of your neighbors in the event of a responsible claim. At HEYME, our home insurance starts at €34/year and includes a maximum of guarantees to protect your apartment. It’s this way. And if you’re still wondering what it’s for, we wrote a whole article about it “what’s the use of home insurance?” 2) Choose your mutual All French people are automatically affiliated from birth to Social Security, which is the basis of the healthcare system in France. It covers health costs up to 15 to 80% depending on the medical procedures. Complementary health insurance, more commonly called mutual insurance, is optional but strongly recommended. Its mission is to supplement Social Security reimbursements to avoid a high charge. For example, you have a painful fall on a scooter, you are hospitalized for 3 days and it costs you 5000€. Social Security reimburses you 80% or €4,000. Without mutual insurance, you will have to pay €1,000 out of your pocket. Aie Aie AieAt HEYME, our first level of mutual insurance starts at €9.90/month and covers your essential needs: hospitalization, routine care and pharmacy. It’s this way. 3) Don’t forget your civil liability insurance If you plan to do an internship during your university year, consider taking out civil liability insurance. This insurance is mandatory during internships and often required upon registration in most higher education establishments. It covers in France and abroad, bodily, material and immaterial damage that you could cause to a third party during your studies, your internship or during your daily activities in your private life. At HEYME at 13€/year you have peace of mind for the year. 4) Subscribe to public transport The transport budget is also to be taken into account. Throughout your university year, you will be required to take public transport (bus, tram, metro, train, etc.). In order to get an idea of ​​the rates and submit your subscription request, contact the mobility service of your city directly. Just prove your student status via your school certificate or your student card to benefit from preferential rates. offered by transport companies. 5) Financial aid So that money is not an obstacle to your student project, financial aid can be granted to you if you move to another city or another region. This aid comes in the form of CROUS scholarships or in the form of local financial aid. If you are moving, do not hesitate to submit your request for housing assistance to the CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales). There are two forms of CAF assistance, namely Personalized Housing Assistance (APL) or Social Housing Allowance (ALS). These aids differ depending on the type of accommodation you occupy. The APL is intended for accommodation that is the subject of an agreement with the state, such as hostels and university residences. As for the ALS, this allowance is reserved for all other dwellings. Civil liability insurance: compulsory insurance during internships Required by the majority of higher education establishments upon registration, the student civil liability certificate is also compulsory when signing an internship agreement. Civil liability insurance covers bodily injury (physical injuries), material damage (damage to objects) and immaterial damage (damage to the integrity of a person or act resulting in financial loss) caused to others, involuntarily whether by inattention, negligence or imprudence during your studies, your internships in France and abroad or during certain daily or occasional activities such as outings, babysitting, home lessons, etc. At HEYME, how does it work? For €13/year, HEYME Civil Liability insurance covers bodily, material and immaterial damage caused to a third party during your studies, your internships in France and abroad or even during the practice of occasional activities such as baby-sitting or tutoring classes. If you’re a medical student, so are your guards at the hospital! Your contract takes effect upon subscription and you receive your certificate immediately by email. 👉 HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

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