Back to school: my first administrative steps

Student housing insurance HEYME

School starts again soon ! Everything seems ready and yet, certain administrative procedures are a source of stress and you don’t know how to find your way around?

Here is a spotlight on the steps to take to take full advantage of your new status and start your student life in peace.

Find accommodation:

To put the odds on your side and find accommodation near your establishment, it is recommended that you file your application with a landlord or a real estate agency as soon as possible. This will save you time by reducing the journey between your place of residence and your university.

The constitution of a rental file requires good preparation. It is necessary to provide all supporting documents before the site visit. The file must include:

  • A proof of your identity
  • Proof of address (electricity bill, rent receipt, etc.)
  • A copy of your student card or university registration certificate
  • A proof of your deposit guarantor (a parent for example)

The list is not exhaustive, the lessor may ask you for other documents.

Student housing insurance HEYME

The financial aspect is an element not to be overlooked!

It is important to define the budget you want to devote to the rental according to your monthly income. It is also necessary to take into account the additional charges, such as expenses for electricity, Internet, etc.

The visit and inventory is a crucial step!

Photos published on real estate sites do not always reflect reality. It is strongly recommended to make a visit to ensure the conformity of the information communicated, namely the surface area, the number of rooms, the household appliances available… It is also an opportunity to meet the owner and discuss with him in detail of the rental charges, the neighborhood, etc.

Good to know :

Finding accommodation in student cities like Lyon, Strasbourg, Rennes can be difficult. You have to be reactive and prepare your file very early, ideally in the spring, to get a rental contract.

Take out home insurance:

It is compulsory to take out home insurance to cover your home and your belongings against risks linked to fire, theft, acts of vandalism, natural disasters (flooding), etc.

The ideal is to take out multi-risk home insurance (MRH) which includes civil liability to cover material, immaterial or bodily damage that you could cause to others through inattention or negligence.

HEYME offers you home insurance perfectly suited to your budget and your lifestyle from €34.

The rates vary according to the type of accommodation (Room in Cité U, studio T1, T2, T3, etc.), but remain the same regardless of your age or your place of residence.

👉HEYME home insurance

Apply for APL (Personalized Housing Assistance):

As a student, you can receive aid from the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) for your accommodation.

CAF provides a pacemaker on site to check eligibility for housing benefits.

Affiliation to social security

Since August 31, 2019, all students without exception are automatically affiliated to the general social security scheme of their parents. However, affiliation to Social Security does not cover all of your health costs.

For optimal social protection, you must:

  • Access your personal space on to obtain your European health insurance card or keep you informed of your reimbursements
  • Make the declaration of your attending physician to the Health Insurance to ensure a personalized follow-up of your state of health. To benefit from better reimbursement, it is necessary to respect the course of coordinated care except for the consultation of a gynecologist, ophthalmologist, stomatologist, psychiatrist and neuropsychiatrist.
  • Create a shared medical file (DMP) or health book to consult and share your medical information with your doctor and healthcare professionals.

HEYME student health insurance

Good to know :

Before consulting a health professional (general practitioner or specialist), it is best to go to the site to find out about the convention rates applied and the reimbursement rate for medical acts and care covered by your health insurance.

Complementary health insurance: for optimal medical coverage!

You must plan for complementary health insurance to reimburse you for part or all of your health expenses: hospitalization, dental and optical care, purchase of medication, etc.

Concerned about your health, HEYME offers you student mutual insurance from €9.90 per month. Several formulas are available at different prices to ensure partial or total coverage depending on your level of guarantee.

Membership of the HEYME mutual insurance company offers several advantages:

  • Unlimited access to teleconsultation with ABI to be in direct contact with doctors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • An application to view your reimbursements, download your third-party payment card and send your documents.
  • Also access to the “Myreduc” application for good deals and discounts from your favorite brands.

👉 HEYME student health insurance

Declaration of your tax income:

If you work alongside your studies and you are not attached to your parents’ tax household, you must complete your own tax return on the site.

How it works ?

The attachment to the tax household depends on your age and your situation:

  • No personal tax return is required if you are a minor on 1er January 2022
  • If you are 18 during the year 2022, you are automatically attached to the parental tax household. You have two options:
  • You can remain under your parents’ tax system, you will be excluded from the personal income declaration and your parents will be obliged to declare your student income.
  • You can make your own declaration and declare your income after your birthday date.
  • After 25 years, attachment to the parental tax household is no longer possible. You must declare your own income.

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