Battle of Bakhmout, destroyed American drone, grain agreement… Update on the situation in Ukraine

VIDEO - Azom, this new industrial complex in Bakhmout where the Ukrainian resistance is organized

VIDEO Azom this new industrial complex in Bakhmout where

The UN wants to “continue” the agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain. The United Nations estimated on Tuesday that the international agreement on the export of cereals from Ukraine should continue as it is beyond Saturday, the deadline before a potential renewal, even if Russia wishes to divide the duration by two. “The grain agreement continues for the time being”, “we are doing everything to ensure its continuity”assured St├ęphane Dujarric, spokesman for UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

Moscow had shown itself open on Monday to a new renewal of the agreement, already extended in November, but “only for 60 days”, while the initial text provides for a tacit renewal every 120 days. A proposal immediately refused by kyiv, which returned the ball to Turkey and the United Nations, its “guarantors”.

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