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HEYME student health insurance

The Afev mobilizes 8,000 students each year to help a young person on their journey, make them want to learn, and help them gain self-confidence! To act against educational and social inequalities, they work alongside Afev.

Becoming a volunteer means acting for a fairer and more united society, it is also a human adventure and an experience to be valued in your student and professional course.

Being a mentor at Afev means…

  • Accompany a young person, in fragility, in his school and educational journey;
  • Allow young people to gain self-confidence and awaken their sense of learning;
  • Respond to their needs and develop their areas of interest;
  • Increase the potential of your personality, by working on motivation, cultural openness, mobility, autonomy…

HEYME student health insurance

The support takes place primarily in the young person’s home in order to promote the bond with his family and strengthen the parents’ skills in terms of parenting support.

You can also accompany him to a third place or remotely, given the current health situation.

Volunteering can change your life!

  • By becoming a mentor with the Afev, you not only support young people, but you also improve your skills. Everybody wins !
  • A new challenge to take up, a real opportunity for you to measure your limits and go beyond them;
  • An opportunity to develop your network and forge new links;
  • A rewarding experience to integrate into your student and professional curriculum.

What if you contributed 2 hours a week to someone else’s success!

Join the adventure! I’m in !


“I accompanied a young man who thought he wouldn’t get far… We did a lot of activities and sports together, and I helped him with his homework. The more the accompaniment progressed, the more he smiled. At one point, thinking about the future, he kind of clicked, he said to himself -I can try!-. He was more confident.” Aimane, 21 years old

“With Afev, you meet lots of people, I have created links with people I would not have met otherwise, and above all I feel useful!” Chloe, 21 years old


Find your partner: become a volunteer mentor!


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