Binance launchpad launches a new crypto: Space ID

Your Launchpad IDs – digital identity, probably one of the big trends of the next few years. The flagship projects of tomorrow are starting right now. And some of them benefit from a little boost from the famous Binance launchpad. We will explain everything to you.


The Binance launchpad, the launching pad for projects

THE Binance launchpad, as rare as it is coveted. Amplifier of projects, and gains too. A very nice highlight for the chosen project. And an often fruitful affair for the investors who participated in it. THE principle Is simple. Binance offers its users, or rather the holders of his precious BNBthe platform token, to invest in a crypto just before its listing on the exchange.

Holders of BNB tokens will be able to block them for a period of 5 days. From March 17 to 22 regarding the project SpaceID. The Binance team will then average the number of BNB tokens locked by each participant over the 5 days. At the end of this period, a small portion of these BNB tokens will be converted into the launchpad tokenhere Space ID (ID) at unbeatable prices.

Binance launches a new token, the Space ID via its launchpad platform.
Space ID, the new Binance launchpad token

In the process, the listing of the token on the world’s leading crypto platform then does the rest, often propelling the price of the said token to new heights. This generally allows investors to make a nice profit. Even if it must be admitted, the amounts involved are most of the time derisory, because a lot of people participate in these launchpads. So, of course, you have to share the cake. It should be noted, however, that, as in any investment, yesterday’s successes do not predict future certainty of gains via this type of mechanism. In any investment, there is an element of risk that must be studied upstream.

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Space ID, the digital identity on the front of the Binance scene

Probably one of the big topics of the next few years. Consolidate all of our information on the blockchain. Se build a digital identity in order to navigate to the heart of web 3. Many projects and organizations are already getting started. The Space ID team is one of them. Their objective is clear: build a universal referencing and name-taking network. web 3 “.

Space ID wishes to bring together on a single platform the web domain name registration services 3, their management and potentially their exchanges (purchase, sale, transmission). And this, on several blockchains at the same time. The project also includes a service dedicated to developers. A system already well established on the BNB Chain from Binance, of course.

The ID token has a total quantity of 2 billion tokens, of which 100 million will be dedicated to the launchpad. Users will be able to get a maximum of 600,000 (equivalent to $15,000) based on their amount of BNB locked up. And it will take a hell of a lot to get such a portion, believe us. All at the price $0.025 by token ID.

In the first quarter of 2022, it was the GMT token of the current trend application STEPN, which had been powered by Binance. STEPN is a running application, or move to earn more precisely, which caused a stir at the time. It rewarded its users with huge gains in exchange for a few minutes of running or walking. However, such a mechanism was not sustainable over time and only lasted a few months. Today is therefore the ID-token of the Space ID project which is rising on the Binance launch pad. Will it do better? Nobody knows, but one thing is certain, this project has a following in the IDs.

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