Bitcoin and retrogaming: earn BTC by playing Super Mario

Bitcoin and retrogaming: earn BTC by playing Super Mario

Mario and Satoshi – While a video game inspired by the famous DOOM has recently been implanted directly on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain, another retro game is coming to the cryptosphere. This is a version ” bitcoinized » of the mythical game Super Mario Bros. 3permitted by the Lightning Network.


Collect Satoshi with Super Mario

If the middle of gaming modern is inspired by the latest technologies from cryptocurrencies, such as non-fungible tokens (NFT) for example, retro games also know how to invite themselves into the world of Bitcoin and digital assets.

On Twitter, Christian Mossthe co-founder of ZEBEDEE, presents a crypto-modified version of the game Super Mario Bros. 3. To play, you must first put in a small coin (a few satoshis, or 0.00000001 BTC). The game then allows you to earn satoshis by playing Mario.

“Pay in [satoshis] of Bitcoin to play, and play to win [des satohis] in Super Mario 3 on the original NES! 200 retweets and I integrate Sonic. “Bit-tendo” will be a free retro game system broadcasting some [satoshis] of Bitcoin in bars, conferences, meet ups, etc. »

Play Super Mario and earn bitcoin satoshis! – Twitter account @MandelDuck

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A play-to-earn game system thanks to the Lightning Network

The developer of this ” bit-endo ” To given some details about its creation at Cointelegraph. Its software runs on a PC or other device capable of accepting a video stream. The Super Mario game is launched from an authentic console Nintendo NES. The only differences here: the game displays a satoshi counterand a countdown.

You must first pay 1 US dollar in satoshis to play 60 seconds in the game, and the coins collected by the player during the game earn him 100 satoshis each at the end of the countdown.

The initial payment, and the transfer of the final reward are made via the Lightning Network of Bitcoin. To use this game software, you will need a wallet from ZEBEDEE or LNbits. There speed and the very low cost transactions on the Lightning Network are ideal for this type of microtransaction.

And good news for those who prefer the sonic from Sega to Nintendo’s Mario, Christian Moss promised to also adapt the little blue hedgehog to his video game software ” satoshi diffuser “. The developer of ZEBEDEE is far from being at his first attempt, since he already had sprinkled with bitcoin satoshis the famous game Counter-Strike.

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