Bitcoin and Well-Guarded Cryptos: Private Key Protection Enshrined in Wyoming Law

A crypto law set in stone – If Wyoming is the smallest state in the United States, it is also arguably the most crypto of all. After recognizing the CAD, these decentralized and autonomous organizations, it now defends citizens against forced disclosure of their private keys. Explanations.


When private keys enter legal texts

Thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal thy neighbour’s private keys… »

If this last sentence was perhaps not mentioned in the Tables of the Law, it is now well and truly integrated into that of Wyoming. Prevent the forced disclosure of private keys of a crypto holder. This is the whole point of an amendment passed by the Wyoming House of Representatives last February. And now endorsed by the Governor’s signature Mark Gordon. In a state where privacy is king, protecting it has become second nature. Even at the highest levels.

“No one shall be compelled to provide a private key or to bring their private key to the knowledge of another person in the context of civil, criminal, administrative, legislative or other proceedings. »

The state of Wyoming decides to add a piece of legislation that will prevent the disclosure of crypto and Bitcoin private keys.
Wyoming protects private key holders

Here is in these terms what the new law indicates, which will take effect from 1er next July. In addition, the text also defines what a private key is under the law.

“Hold by a person, associated with a unique and public piece of cryptographic data, as well as an algorithm allowing the encryption and decryption necessary to execute a transaction. »

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Wyoming protects your privacy

In fact, from the date of entry into force of this law, the courts will be unable to compel an individual to give access to his private keys. That they contain cryptos, elements of sound Numeric identity or any other data… With one exception.

If the person is the subject of legal proceedings, in which case, he will be obliged to provide the valuable information. A reassuring element for all victims of theftof hack orscam. If the thief is ever caught, they should still be able to recover their stolen funds.

While in the USA, there is an increase in cases of forced disclosure of private keys, some states such as Wyoming are deciding to act. To act against practices that go against what the private keys were designed for… To protect privacy precisely. A notion to which our highest authorities unfortunately have very little interest. Or too muchit depends.

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Last Verdict

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