Bitcoin (BTC) Explodes $26,000 as US Inflation (CPI) Drops to 6%

The markets breathe! – With bass banking crisis caused by the violent rise in key rates of the Federal Reserve American (the Fed), the US inflation figures were very (very) expected. And stroke of luck: they are as good as expected, which is enough for the markets to soar.


Inflation drops from 6.4 to 6% in the USA: Bitcoin gains +$1500

Since the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapsed last Friday, the equity markets were more than gray. But the bad stormy weather this weekend seems to dissipate. Already, because the Federal Reserve intervened urgently, in the middle of Sunday, to announce $25 billion in magic money to avoid the infection of liquidity crisescaused by SVB.

But that was still not enough for the markets (apart from Bitcoin, which had already rebounded strongly). It was without counting on thinning of the day, which comes to us from Consumer Price Index (ICC) American. This hint allows measurement inflation in the United States, and it is falling.

In line with observers’ expectations, rolling one-year inflation now stands at 6% for the month of FEBRUARYinstead of 6.4% in the month of January. But why is this number so important ?

Well, as mentioned above, the more inflation falls, the less Jerome Powell (Chairman of the Fed) is likely to be aggressive on the continuation of the rise in key rates. The markets are not mistaken, and Bitcoin seems to be one of the first beneficiaries. Indeed, the BTC price see you again exploded upward. At the time of this writing, Bitcoin has even surpassed the $26,000, setting a high near $26,400. A course so high that it had not been seen since June 2022when Celsius and the fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC) collapsed following the disaster of the stablecoin UST of Terra (LUNA).

Good inflation numbers push Bitcoin above $26,000.
Inflation (CPI) continues to fall in the United States: Bitcoin benefits! – Source:

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