Bitcoin (BTC), the winner of the stablecoin crisis? PrimeXBT under cover

Bitcoin, close protection – You are not without having noticed that for several weeks now the US regulation leads a crypto crusade against stablecoins. Many are then the exchanges who have been affected by this war, we can think in particular of thecase of BUSD, Binance’s stablecoin, widely treated in the columns of your favorite newspaper. And, yet. In this storm, some exchanges were able to hold their own, even getting help from BitcoinTHE big winners from the stablecoin crisis. This is the case of PrimeXBTan exchange that offers innovative services to its customers while focusing on the king of cryptocurrencies: BTC.


Bitcoin (BTC), a safe haven during the crisis

Even if its place as a payment system has not yet been made, the king of cryptocurrencies does not leave investors insensitive, quite the contrary. Bitcoin, since its creation, has proven itself by becoming a safe haven in the face of the instability of the price of altcoins or even more recently in the face of the paradoxical instability of stablecoins. He was even able show nice bounces as the world of traditional finance mourned the fall of Silvergate Bank or even the Silicon Valley Bank bankruptcy. He was able to convince private investors, institutional investors and also large companies such as MicroStrategy.

We find here a force of Bitcoin, main reference currency of PrimeXBT, which, unlike traditional currencies, is not regulated by a central bank, which makes it more resilient to economic and political fluctuations. We are faced with the virtues of decentralized finance (DeFi). During the stablecoin crisis, exchanges, such as PrimeXBT, which chose to focus on Bitcoin, therefore managed to take advantage of the volatility of the cryptocurrency prices thanks to powerful trading tools.

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PrimeXBT: the advantages of exchanges built on Bitcoin

Exchanges, such as PrimeXBT, have chosen to favor the Bitcoin and decentralization-oriented approach, by not asking no KYCand protecting, despite the ambient volatilitythe assets of their clients by adopting strategies for hedging certain positions.

By choosing to focus on the safest assets, such as Bitcoin, PrimeXBT offers investors a safe haven. Moreover, PrimeXBT also offers DeFi services to its clients, thus allowing traders to diversify their portfolios while making the notion of risk management a essential for its customers.

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From gold to Bitcoin (BTC): Prime XBT, the smart trade

PrimeXBT offers innovative services to its customers, ranging from online transactions BTC, ETH, USDC Or USDT to investment in other assets, such asgold, oil and stockss. Besides, PrimeXBT allows its users to copy the trades of top traders and also offers indices and other trading instruments to allow them to diversify their portfolio.

With a new mobile application with increased capabilities, PrimeXBT has been able to continue to develop despite the crypto winter by remodeling its Android operating system. The tools offered are numerous. From Trading with leverage (or not), to co-vesting, through a DeFi tool exploration as the staking where the lending. In doing so, PrimeXBT, driven by Bitcoin values, will shelter you from the winter.

As you will have understood, in the face of heckled stablecoins, PrimeXBT’s strategy makes it possible to protect its investors from the crypto winter while taking advantage of the benefits of decentralized finance and the values ​​that make thevery essence of bitcoin : anonymity and freedom of investment.

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