Bitcoin Crashes Below $20,000, Crypto Market in Trouble

Bitcoin Crashes Below $20,000, Crypto Market in Trouble

It’s been a long time (not really) and we could almost say that we’re getting used to it (either). Be that as it may, in the wake of bad news coming to us, particularly from the United States, Bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole are giving us a blood-red night as only it has the secret.


General downturn in Bitcoin and the crypto market

The hype Ordinals (the NFTs on Bitcoin, to put it simply) will not be able to do anything about it. No more than the exchange kraken preparing to become a bank (unable to find one that is both “crypto-friendly” and still standing in 2023): Bitcoin is taking a new step in the last hours, taking on the whole of the crypto market.

The price of Bitcoin thus briefly drops below $20,000 (it is trading at $20,100 at the time of writing), and the entire market concedes a sad -7% by falling well below the trillion dollars. of capitalization.

In this avalanche of scarlet red candles, some assets are struggling more than others. We will quote the Huobi Token who loses 20% over the past 24 hours, after experiencing a sudden collapse of… -93% overnight, followed by a rapid rebound (we’ll talk about it again this morning).

Surprisingly, some other tokens are doing relatively well, despite some particularly bad news. We will think in particular of the Kucoin Shares of the exchange Kucoin which remains solid by only conceding a 3% drop, despite the viewfinder that the SEC has been pointing to its forehead since yesterday against a background of accusation illegal operations on American soil.

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Last Verdict

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