Bitget and Juventus of Turin: the women’s team plays it crypto

Women at the forefront of the crypto scene – bitget makes the pass. The players of the Juventus Women score on goal. Unwavering support from famous crypto exchange to the Juventus women’s football team. This was announced by Bitget on March 8, International Women’s Day.


Juventus Women and Bitget: real teamwork…

To fit into the heart of our society, the crypto ecosystem does not cut corners. We could even say that he cuts to the chase. THE partnerships between crypto companies and clubs are multiplying, supported by stars enthusiastic about the idea of ​​introducing this new financial freedom that is emerging to their communities. And, in the world of football, it’s very often post, crypto, goal. Like the French unicorn Sorare which connects partnerships with the teams.

Does crypto have a future? You could say no. But we, we answer Messi. Preparing the ground for adoption is what Bitget is all about behind this partnership with the Juventus women’s team. It’s about drawing inspiration from the winning mindset that inhabits these players of the Juventus Women. As a reminder, it is one of the most successful teams in Italy with: 5 Italian champion titles, 2 Italian Cup titles and 3 Italian Supercup titles.

Bitget is forging a new partnership with the women's football team Juventus of Turin.
Bitget relies on the Juventus Women team to fire into the crypto skylight

“We feel a deep affinity with Juventus Women, whose sporting achievements and spirit have rewritten the football record books. Sponsoring the Juventus women’s team will bring crypto to a wider female audience and motivate women to embrace the opportunities that life presents. We are convinced that this partnership will turn into a long-term agreement that will benefit all parties. »

Gracy Chen, CEO of Bitget

Bitget promotes the inclusion of women in the crypto sector, an area still overrepresented by men.
Women, soon all addicted to cryptos?

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…to win the female crypto adoption game

Through this sponsorship, Bitget wants to put women at the center of the stage and allow them to fully play their role in this coming revolution. At Bitgetdiversity is already obvious. 40% of director positions are now occupied by women within the company.

“We are thrilled to partner with Bitget and share their commitment to advancing gender equality and empowering women across all sectors, from sports to digital technologies. As a leading football club, we know how important it is to provide equal opportunities for all, and we are proud to be associated with a company that shares our values. »

Tiziana Di Giola, CCO (Commercial Director) of Juventus

In 2021, Juventus Women became the first club to achieve a perfect season, having won all of their league games. Without hoping for such faultless performance, this sponsorship of the team by Bitget will certainly allow you to aim straight and increase the notoriety of the crypto world. He who still gets so often, in the media, red card after red card.

This partnership with the women’s team follows the one signed by bitget with the Juventus First Team, that of men, in 2021, and renewed in 2022-2023. Sponsorship that echoes the campaign Take Your Shot by Bitget. Remember that this encourages people to be bold and try their luck in order to achieve their dreams. A particularly appropriate state of mind with the world of football.

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, a turning point is beginning with the incursion of crypto companies, like Bitget, into the heart of our society and our passions. And the next generation to enter the crypto industry may well be, indeed, mostly made up of women. Let’s wish it!

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