Blow for Kraken: SEC demands customer data, staking suspended

Blow for Kraken: SEC demands customer data, staking suspended

Black day for the American platform Kraken, under heavy fire from the SEC (Security Exchange Commission, the US stock market policeman). After having announced that staking services would be interrupted for American customers, it is now free access to the customer base that the regulator requires.


SEC scheme

We learned a little earlier in the day by way of communicated from the SEC, that the crypto platform Kraken consented to the payment of a $30 million fine for an unregistered offer of a staking crypto. At the same time, Kraken announced that its various staking services would now be suspended, at least for its tax resident customers in the United States.

Renowned flying in squadrons, the troubles did not stop there since the regulator also made know in the evening that he now asked the company to open its registers to him, in order to consult the customer base, so as to sort out the investors concerned by the measures, from those escaping these new conditions. This procedure would follow previous assignments that have remained a dead letter:

“Despite discussions between the parties, Payward Ventures Inc. and its subsidiaries have not complied with the subpoena and have not produced the books, records, documents and other data requested in the subpoena. The failure of Payward Ventures Inc. and its subsidiaries to comply with the subpoena continues to this day. »

In fact, the SEC wants Kraken and its subsidiaries to provide all the documents allowing it to be determined whether the company’s customers are “US persons”, or are subject to tax payments in the USA and whether they are subject to taxes linked to potential capital gains.

The question arises in passing of the treatment that will be reserved for customers who do not fall within this framework, but will however be screened by the SEC, for their greatest pleasure, no doubt about it.

Bad luck for Kraken (and more broadly for a certain idea of ​​crypto services like staking), even though the platform thought itself almost out of business until recently.

Last Verdict

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