Brazil: soccer players victims of a crypto scam? The doubt remains

Fraud or bankruptcy: that is the question – The case is currently shaking the world of brazilian soccer and it concerns players who claim to be victims of a scam. Three former teammates of the club San Paulo would have lost large sums of money, entrusting them to a crypto company named xland. Disappointments of this type currently not lacking, and the scammers compete in creativity to extort money from their victims. But the doubt remains in this file, because the company in question also claims to be a victim… but bankruptcy of FTX !


5% interest per month promised by crypto company Xland

I’history starts last year in the club of the Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras To San Paulo. Three teammates and friends decide to invest in a crypto company named xland which promises returns of up to 5% per month. Rather a good investment. A little too good to be true some would say. But in crypto, after all, anything is possible.

The first, Gustavo Scarpainvests 1.2 million of dollars. The second, Mayke Rocha de Oliveira put 760,000 dollars. There is also question of a third individual. But the latter would have a different role, since it was he who convinced the other two to get their hands on the wallet. It not remain that Willian Bigode invests, for its part, a little more than $3 million.

The Brazilian crypto company Xland is at the heart of a case that agitates the Brazilian football community.  Gustavo Scarpa, Mayke Rocha De Oliveira and Willian Bigode, three former teammates of Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras in San Paulo claim to have been defrauded and to have lost millions of dollars.  Issue ?  Mr. Bigode would be linked to the company in question and would not be so innocent as that.  In any case, that's what the Brazilian media say because we respect the presumption of innocence!  For its part, the company claims to be bankrupt because of the fall of FTX and says that it will reimburse the victims.  So we're waiting to see what's next...
Are football players victims of a scam or the bankruptcy of FTX?

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Who knew what? Who is the victim of whom in this story?

But everything will change last November, just after the title of champion of Brazil obtained by our three friends. The company in question declares itself in bankruptcy, victim of the fall of the FTX crypto platform to which she was exposed. The story could end there, but information will start to leak and to question the innocence of Willian Bigode.

Indeed, the latter would have created, a few years ago, a management company which would be closely linked to Xland. Since these revelations, the press has had a great time and relays the statements of each other. First, TV Globo released the statement of Gustavo Scarpawho is playing this season in England, at Nottingham Forrest:

“I’ve seen a lot of stupid people get tricked by crooks. But to see me in such a situation is horrible. »

He has also filed a complaint in this case, just like his former teammate Mayke Rocha de Oliveira. But let’s now give the floor to the defense and listen to the one that everyone accuses, Willian Bigode :

“I am not a crook. I didn’t take anyone’s money. I’m also a victim, as I haven’t gotten my own money back so far. »

But what does the police ? To date, the only official statement comes from Vinicius Salva, the investigator in charge of the case. He confided his impressions to TV Globo, and they are summed up in this laconic sentence:

“There is strong evidence that this is a scam. »

To date, the company xlandbased in Brasilia, always claims that she is also a victim of the market. She absolutely did not organize, in any way, a Ponzi scheme or a scam. Besides, she still hopes to be able to reimburse customers. Case to follow therefore, but it is always good to remember that everyone is innocent of having been judged, even in crypto. While waiting for the outcome of this file, take care of yourself and watch out for scams of all kinds !

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