Car insurance: which guarantees to choose

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A car insurer offers mandatory guarantees and other recommended ones… And it is by choosing the right formulas that you will have better cover!

In principle, car insurance covers material and/or bodily damage that your vehicle may cause to others. Depending on the level of coverage chosen, this insurance can also cover material damage to your vehicle, but also to all of your damaged property, as well as bodily injury following a traffic accident (in the event of hospitalization, a work stoppage, etc.)

What are the guarantees of a typical car insurance policy? Let’s take a closer look!

Compulsory auto insurance cover

Civil liability guarantee

Included in all insurance formulas, civil liability cover, also called “third-party insurance”, is compulsory for all owners of motor vehicles.

This guarantee is the legal minimum imposed on all motorists.

It serves exclusively to compensate third party victims (passenger, other driver, cyclist, pedestrian, etc.) for bodily injury and/or material damage suffered during an at-fault accident involving the insured vehicle. However, this warranty does not cover any damage you or your vehicle may sustain.

The driver’s personal guarantee

The driver’s personal guarantee or “driver’s protection” covers you or your dependents in the event of bodily injury suffered in an accident at fault or without an identified third party, as well as in the event of death.

The driver’s personal guarantee indemnifies you in the event of damage resulting from bodily injury suffered independently of your responsibility in the accident.

According car insurance contractsthe driver’s personal cover covers medical expenses, financial loss suffered due to loss of income linked to a work stoppage or permanent incapacity and the loss of beneficiaries in the event of death, provided that these damage is not already covered by health insurance or your mutual insurance company.

HEYME car insurance

The flight guarantee

As its name suggests, the theft guarantee covers damage resulting from the theft or attempted theft of the vehicle.

With the theft guarantee, you will be compensated in the event of total or partial theft of your vehicle.

This compensation varies according to the conditions provided for in the auto insurance contract. The amount of the compensation may correspond to the value of the car, at the time of the stolen objects or to a conventional value indicated beforehand on the contract.

Sometimes associated with the theft guarantee, the vandalism guarantee covers you against the risk of graffiti, scratches, broken mirrors, etc.

The fire guarantee

The fire guarantee compensates you when your vehicle is damaged or destroyed by fire following a mechanical or arson fire or following an explosion.

Glass breakage warranty

The glass breakage warranty covers damage caused to the glazed elements of your vehicle such as the windshield, side windows, rear window, quarter panels, headlight lenses, etc.

According car insurance contractthis cover can be extended to the windows of the sunroof, headlight units and mirrors.

Optional car insurance cover

Assistance guarantee

It allows you to come to your aid in the event of an accident or breakdown of the insured vehicle.

This guarantee intervenes in the event of immobilization of your vehicle on French territory or abroad and covers the travel costs of a mechanic, the towing costs, your accommodation as well as that of the passengers, a replacement car repair time and many other so-called assistance services.

Be careful all the same with the application of the mileage deductible! Check with your insurer.

All-accident damage cover

The all-accident damage cover covers all damage caused to the insured vehicle, including that for which you are responsible and whatever the circumstances of the accident.

This warranty also covers damage caused by a collision with one or more other vehicles.

It also covers the overturning of the vehicle without prior collision, impacts with a fixed or moving body or acts of vandalism.

The amount of repairs covered by the all-accident damage guarantee is estimated by an automobile expert mandated by the insurer, so a part will remain at your expense!

You can only take out collision damage cover, which covers damage to your vehicle following a collision with a car or several cars, a pedestrian or an animal.

Replacement vehicle warranty

If your vehicle is immobilized following an accident, a breakdown or if it has been stolen, the replacement vehicle guarantee entitles you, temporarily, to a replacement vehicle.

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