Car insurance: XXL formulas at low prices!

Assurance Auto : des formules XXL à petits prix ! - Heyme

For a 2 or 4-wheel vehicle, new or used, HEYME offers you a wide range of customizable car insurance at ultra-competitive rates, so you can drive with peace of mind. Why car or motorcycle insurance? In accordance with the Law of February 27, 1958, any person using a land motor vehicle must insure it "Public liability". In this way, the damage caused to a pedestrian, a driver or his own vehicle will be covered by the insurer. Whether you need car, motorcycle or cyclo insurance, HEYME offers you the possibility of benefiting from complete cover, adapted to your needs from €12 per month! Auto insurance: a range adapted to all driver profiles At HEYME, auto insurance adapts to all driver profiles, taking their needs into account, through two ranges: standard auto risks and aggravated auto risks. In addition to the basic guarantees: civil liability, criminal defence, natural disaster guarantee, theft and damage guarantee, accident damage guarantee, etc. The standard auto risk range gives you the possibility of benefiting from: up to €750,000 Payment of a points recovery course Optional mechanical breakdown cover up to €4,000 per claim Reduction or redemption of your deductible. The aggravated risk car range offers you: A driver’s bodily guarantee in inclusion up to €250,000 A low and flexible deductible from €85 Coverage of foreign information statements (to be translated into French obligatorily) In addition , you can subscribe to different options that will allow you, in the event of a breakdown or accident, to benefit from breakdown assistance, towing wherever you are, protection of your property up to to 1500 € and much more! Young Driver Auto Insurance: a unique offer at competitive rates! Who says driving, says car insurance! You can now take out HEYME young car insurance. A unique formula, designed for young drivers aged 18 to 28 with or without insurance history. An offer which, in addition to the classic basic guarantees, offers reinforced guarantees with the possibility of: Increasing the driver’s bodily guarantee up to €500,000 Having a guarantee that insures your personal effects up to €1,500 € To benefit from assistance according to your needs (excess 50 or 0 km) with or without a replacement vehicle You will also be able to benefit from a course to recover points, support in filling out a report in the event of an accident and the maintenance of the “Driver’s bodily injury” and “Personal effects” guarantees in the event of carpooling. Motorbike insurance: 2-wheeler insurance for young students You haven’t yet obtained your B license but you drive a 2-wheeler? No worries, HEYME offers cover for all motorcycle drivers, from the age of 16 with its motorcycle insurance. A tailor-made offer for all holders of displacements from 50 cm³ to 1,000 cm³. In addition to the guarantees included, you will be able to: Insure your equipment (helmet and accessories) Extend the driver’s guarantee up to €200,000 in the event of disability or death Take advantage of the cost of an insurance point recovery course Scooter: 2-wheel insurance for the youngest! HEYME has set up scooter insurance for you. A formula that accompanies all moped riders who ride 2 wheels under 50 cm³ from the age of 14. A simple and advantageous offer, which in addition to offering all the essential guarantees, allows you to insure your helmet, your gloves and allows you to benefit from an optional pilot protection guarantee of up to €60,000 in the event of of disability.

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