Cardano (ADA) victim of desynchronization – More fear than harm

A really minor impact? – Recently, a anomaly affected half of the nodes Cardano (ADA)). She caused a temporary desynchronization of the network that Cardano developer Input Output Global (IOG) describes as minor.

Disconnection and restart: half of the Cardano network impacted

According to one publication January 22 from IOG on its Telegram channel dedicated to announcements for staking pool operators (SPO) on Cardano, approximately 50% of nodes of the network have been disconnected or restarted because of a ” incident ” which occurred around 09:00 UTC, between blocks 8300569 and 8300570.

The issue affected relay nodes and block producer nodes, but edge nodes were reportedly spared. The publication wants to be reassuring by indicating that “ the systems behaved as expected”when some nodes disconnected from a peer, while others restarted.

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A Briefly Volatile Sync, Still an Obscure Issue

IOG evokes a transient anomaly to explain the reaction of the nodes. This issue would have had only a minor impact on the production of blocks on the network. Blockchain was out of sync approximately at block 8300569. The delay which resulted would be similar to those observed during the “normal operations”.

Cardano’s reassuring tone still contrasts with other data. In a January 22 post on Twitter, Tom Stokesthe co-founder of Node Shark and an SPO on Cardano, shared a graph showing a fall up more by 40% network synchronization for more than 300 nodes reported.

Tom Stokes believes desync had more impact than Cardano says
Tom Stokes believes that the desynchronization had more impact – Source: Twitter

Subsequently, the synchronization level rose to approximately 87%. It therefore did not return directly to 100% after this drop of approximately 40%.

While IOG and the other observers have thus provided details describing the anomalies which affected half of the network, in fact the primary cause of these problems has however not yet identified – or unveiled – at the time of this writing.

Like other blockchains, Cardano encountered an issue that admittedly impacted half of its nodes, but did not require the entire network to restart. The 150 developers of the ADA blockchain should now analyze more deeply this problem which was perhaps transitory, but which could reproduce itself without the necessary corrections.

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