Central bank “Crypto”: Britons will be entitled to 20,000 digital pounds, not one more?

Kill cash and impose limits? – Whether it be the Bank of Franceor the Bank of Italy more recently, all central banks hate Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies decentralized. And for good reason: bankers all plan to exploit blockchain network technologies to issue their own central bank digital currency (MNBC). across the Channel, the Bank of England (BoE) is even beginning to provide that no individual will be entitled to more than 20,000 digital pounds (the best !).


You will only have 20,000 e-GBP, and you will be happy

Like virtually all of her colleagues around the world, the Bank of England very seriously and actively working on its central bank digital currency (MNBC). Even the current British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak (then Minister of Finance), had called a “Britcoin” in April 2021. Understanding: a version digitized on the blockchain of pound sterling (“digital pound”Or e-GBP)

In a recent publication from Reuters, we learn that the British, on the other hand, would not be entitled to maximum only at 20,000 of these digital pounds. And even : To only half (10,000 e-GBP). That’s about 22,500 euros, at current exchange rates, or 11,250 euros in the worst case.

He is the deputy governor of the Bank of England, Jon Cunliffewho said this Tuesday, February 7, 2023:

“We propose a limit, between 10,000 and 20,000 pounds sterling [numériques] per individual, as the appropriate balance between managing risk and supporting widespread use of digital sterling. »

the English central bank limits the issuance of e-pounds

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Preventing savings and forcing the circulation of money: the dream of central banks

Jon Cunliffe specifies that this digital pound would have the same legal status that species (notes, coins). On the other hand, there will be no question of being able to save these e-GBPs, they will have to be quickly spent. Especially if it is the lower limit that should be retained.

“Money in excess of the cap will be ‘swept’ into a customer’s business bank account, as digital sterling will not be a way to save money. »

“Cash” which cannot therefore be set aside, and will be traceable as needed (so it’s not cash at all, is it?). The day before this declaration, it was the British government which insisted on his willingness to work with the central bankers of the BoE, to issue this digital pound. Authorities would like e-GBP to come into circulation “in the second half of this decade”.

As the whistleblower explained very well Edward SnowdenMNBCs will be a means even easier and more powerful (using blockchain technologies) for the central bankers of implement their monetary interventionism. The Bank of England is thus beginning to reveal to us what will be total control bankers on this money extremely centralized.

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