Certhis, creating an NFT has never been easier

The Certhis application is a real control tower for NFT-oriented business strategies implemented by web2 companies wishing to enter the web3

Recent years have shown that the NFT market is a sector with a particularly promising future. A real bridge to whole new communities for companies and brands wishing to take the turn of this new digital era. But this next trend of the web still harbors many obstacles. Technological barriers that Certhis is on a mission to bring down. Incursion into a world where NFT rhymes with simplicity. Certhis, creating an NFT has never been easier

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Certhis, the NFT launchpad for web professionals 2

Adidas, Nike, Starbucks, Marvel, artists, influencers… Some pioneers have already tried this experience of NFT art… with more or less success, it must be recognized. Indeed, despite the advantages brought by the web3 in terms of customer loyalty, or even the unifying potential of communities around the brands offered by non-fungible tokens (NFT), these emerging technologies are still complex to master.

This is how many economic players are watching the sector evolve with interest without overstepping the mark. However, we are talking here about a market of more than $2.6 billion in 2022 which is heading at full speed towards the 20 billion by 2027 according to estimates. In an entrepreneurial time frame, 2027 is next door. The door of a train carrying a technological revolution in the making and which does not seem to want to slow down.

Companies, brands, web agencies, creative studios… Certhis via its brand new platform launch of collections NFT invites you to board this train today. Very often, agencies and brands are not lacking in enthusiasm when it comes to promoting their creations and their products. And in this area, NFT collections are the perfect communication vector.

Non-fungible tokens, keystones of web3 companies

A medium at the heart of the trend, powerful and technological. These NFTs are able to create real communitiesto bring brands and project teams closer to their end users, customers and fans. A new kind of nuggets allowing any company to strengthen its presence in the digital world in a judicious and disruptive way.

But for this, you need knowledge, developers, time and budget. NFT technology cannot be mastered in a snap. And when done incorrectly, the effect can be devastating. Indeed, these initiatives are neither more nor less than the extension of a relationship of trust established between a brand, a creator and his community. A badly calibrated action or worse, badly secured, and it is an image or a reputation that is tarnished. Fortunately, the Certhis platform has thought of everything, and offers you a turnkey solution . Let’s get into the details.

The Certhis application is a real control tower for NFT-oriented business strategies implemented by web2 companies wishing to enter the web3
Certhis, the application for brands and companies for the creation, management and monitoring of their NFT collections

An all-in-one application to create and manage your NFT strategy

The Certhis solution is aimed at all those who wish get started in web 3 but who lack the tools or technical knowledge to initiate their approach. It offers 4 main services:

1 The NFT collection

The Certhis platform, 100% decentralized, radically simplifies the process of launching and selling NFT collections. It offers companies and creators a range of tools whose functionalities have only one objective: to facilitate the creation, management and sale of NFTs. From now on, to launch your collection, you no longer need to write hundreds of lines of code! They are all already implemented by the Certhis teams. All on four different blockchains: Ethereum, polygon, BNB Chain And Avalanche. In addition, the tool allows management of royalties – the rewards to the creators of NFT collections – facilitated on the different blockchains.

2 Integration applications

However, for creators wishing to venture deeper into the heart of technology, Certhis teams have planned everything.

Once the NFTs collections necessary for the project are created, the integration can be done directly on the brand’s site without having to go through Certhis, thanks to an embedded module. The teams therefore provide creators with a veritable creative and disruptive arsenal. To accompany it, they also offer real-time campaign monitoring. Tools that monitor NFT “mints” (their issuance on the blockchain), sales, purchasing trends, etc.

3 Utility apps

This service makes it possible, among other things, to implement a whole range of tools in order to animate its community of holders. Simply vital features for anyone who wants to embark on the adventure of tokenization. Thus, creators will be able to multiply the uses of their NFT collections thanks to modules that are as effective as they are relevant:

  • HolderTicket.ioa system for creating access tickets to events organized for NFT holders,
  • Holderdropthe ability to easily generate airdrops (NFT donations) to collection holders,
  • HolderGatea system for accessing exclusive content,
  • Holdermailan email management service adapted to web3,
  • Holder boxa space dedicated to holders,
  • Membership3an affiliate system,
  • NFTpagea space dedicated to the presentation of your NFT collection

4 The Certhis Wallet

It is a digital wallet reloadable by bank card which can be generated through an email. He allows novice users to interact directly with the platform’s NFT collections, purchase, and automatically secure their precious just-acquired NFTs. However, more experienced collectors can of course connect their favorite wallet like Metamask.

Thanks to the Certhis wallet and blockchain technology, interactions with your web3 community become simple and interactive
The Certhis application offers a large number of features to personalize each NFT collection

An additional product that could be very useful for companies that want to launch NFT strategies for their communities. Indeed, such a tool will facilitate the conversion of customers and users into “holders”synonymous with stores of value and economic stability.

As you will have understood, Certhis gives brands and creators, web agencies and companies the possibility of easily transposing their entire universe onto their web3 platform. Through their application and the technical expertise they offer, the Certhis teams ultimately enable the giants of web 2 to leap in a few clicks to the heart of the web3. They give them the opportunity to strengthen ties with their traditional communities and open up to a new audience. And this, by freeing oneself from all the complexity inherent in the apprehension of this new universe. With Certhis, the digital revolution called NFT is now at your fingertips.

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