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HEYME car insurance

You’ve been looking for the right offer for a while and at first glance the guarantees seem identical to you. With a little more vigilance, you will increase your chances of finding THE good deal!

Identify your car coverage needs

The cheapest offer is not necessarily the one you need. Some warranties will cover damage caused by a road accident, but will not cover damage caused by natural disasters, theft or acts of vandalism.

Other guarantees, offering a minimum protection in terms of civil liability, will not insure you for legal proceedings initiated as a result of property damage or personal injury. Before taking out car insurance, make sure it meets your most urgent needs.

Examines the financial situation of insurers

We are all looking to sign an insurance contract at the lowest price, but this price is useless if your future insurer has a bad “solvency” rating. Then think about finding out about the financial strength of your insurance, consulting the comments and opinions on the web or even calling on your network.

HEYME car insurance

Compare several auto insurances

Before buying insurance online, over the phone or directly from an agent, it is essential to obtain several quotes.

The prices for the same guarantees can vary considerably from one insurer to another. While some rely on driving scores to determine an insured’s claims rate, others place more emphasis on the type of car and the cost of any repairs.

The place of residence can also be a determining factor in the final price. If your postcode has a higher than average accident rate, insurance costs may be higher.

Do not hesitate to ask for discounts

Some insurers offer reductions to drivers who reach a low annual mileage or who are still taking driving lessons. If your car is equipped with an anti-theft system, you will also benefit from a discount.

You can also request a list of all current promotional offers.

Bonus: 2 tips for getting more discounts on your insurance contract!

  • Avoid using your car for work as much as possible. The insurance premium will be increased according to the distance covered!
  • Park your car in a garage: the risk of being stolen, vandalized or damaged is reduced. If you mention it during your appointment, your insurer will take it into account and apply a reduction to the contract.

HEYME offers you the possibility of adapting your car insurance according to your needs through different formulas including a wide choice of guarantees.

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