Compulsory equipment in the car

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Before getting behind the wheel, make sure you are well equipped! To ensure the safety of passengers and other road users, certain equipment is mandatory in your car.

Compulsory equipment in the car

According to the Highway Code, three pieces of equipment are mandatory:

The safety vest

You must have in your vehicle a fluorescent safety vest with CE marking. If your vehicle is immobilized on the road, think about putting it on. Failure to do so is punishable by a fine of up to €375.

The warning triangle

You must have an approved warning triangle (E 27 R marking) in your car. It must be installed 30 meters from the vehicle or the obstacle to be reported, to alert other drivers of possible accidents or breakdowns.

The fine can also go up to €375 if you do not have the warning triangle.

The breathalyzer

Since 2012, a chemical or electronic breathalyzer must be placed in all vehicles, unless your car is equipped with an on-board breathalyzer (immobilizer system).

This equipment must be guaranteed NF, but no penalty is currently applied if you do not have it (A fine of €11 was abolished by the decree of February 28, 2013). A reminder of the law is nevertheless made during the control.

Car seat

To ensure the safety of children under 10, a car seat in the back of the car is mandatory. According to the new R129 regulation, children must be installed rearward facing up to 15 months. The car seat is chosen according to the size of the child.

When you want to equip yourself with a child car seat, know that there are 2 standards; the “i-Size” standard and the “ECE 44/04” standard.

You risk a fine of around €375 if you don’t have a car seat for your child.µ

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Highly recommended car equipment

The spare wheel

It is strictly forbidden to drive with tires in poor condition. In the event of a puncture, a spare wheel will come in very handy!

If your tires are in poor condition and you get checked by the police, you can be fined up to €375. Your car can also be immobilized.

The front glazing

Since 2017, tinted windows in the front of the vehicle are no longer permitted. It is therefore mandatory to have front windows and a windshield allowing at least 70% light to pass through. On the contrary, your car will not pass the technical inspection.

spare bulbs

We advise you to have new headlight bulbs in your car. According to the Highway Code, all vehicles must be equipped with working lights. Otherwise, you will be fined €180 and the vehicle may be immobilized.

If your headlights are not working properly, you should think about changing them as soon as possible.

Other Recommendations

In addition to the mandatory and recommended equipment, other devices are to be expected:

  • fire extinguisher
  • a glass breaking hammer
  • a first aid kit (dressings, disinfectants, bandages and survival blanket).
  • a snow chain
  • tools (provide at least a jack, cross wrench, screwdriver, anti-frost scraper)

In addition to equipment, car insurance is also compulsory for each vehicle. With HEYMEyou will benefit from suitable coverage that can meet all your needs.

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