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The health sector is developing more and more, particularly with the boom experienced by telemedicine. This medical practice opens up new possibilities, offers promising prospects and provides greater access to care.

The enormous potential of telemedicine is a real breakthrough in the healthcare sector. So what is telemedicine and what medical practices does it include?

Telemedicine: what is it?

Telemedicine, or connected medicine, is a component of telehealth. It is a form of medical practice that includes medical acts performed remotely using information and communication technologies.

Telemedicine is a new way of caring in its own right. It requires the same good practices of conventional medicine and imposes the same rigor in terms of quality of care, safety of exchanges, care and advice.

This medical practice advances conventional medicine and responds to many challenges such as the aging of the population, the in-depth monitoring of chronic diseases and mobility problems.

Telemedicine is divided into several practices: teleconsultation, teleexpertise, telemonitoring and teleassistance.

HEYME student health insurance

Telemedicine practices


The teleconsultation is the online medical consultation. This form of medical practice allows a medical professional (general practitioner or specialist, dental surgeon, ophthalmologist, midwife) to carry out a remote consultation. The patient can be assisted by another healthcare professional (nurse, pharmacist, optician, etc.) during the teleconsultation.

The patient can perform the medical consultation online from home, on an appropriate site or through a secure application. He can also do it in a nursing home or in a pharmacy that has the necessary equipment.

Teleconsultation requires the use of video using a smartphone, tablet or computer equipped with a webcam. Via the video, the healthcare professional can examine the patient’s symptoms remotely in order to establish a diagnosis. He can also discuss and exchange with his patient and prescribe a prescription if necessary.

The teleconsultation takes place in the same way as a classic consultation in a doctor’s office.

In France, the price of the teleconsultation is the same as a classic consultation in the office, i.e. 25 €. However, this rate depends on the specialty of the doctor and his sector.

The teleconsultation is reimbursable by Health Insurance for any patient benefiting from social security provided that the latter is supported by his attending physician who directs him to a teleconsultation. The patient must follow the coordinated care pathway.

You must have already physically consulted, at least once, the doctor who will take care of you.

At HEYME, the teleconsultation is reimbursed on the basis of the agreed rate for all members.

With Abi, HEYME gives you 24/7 access to real doctors, inside your favorite chat app (WhatsApp, Skype or Messenger), to get help and information you need. can trust and act with confidence.

The service is offered free of charge for any subscription to complementary health insurance from level 1 and to the following packs: RC+ Pack, Well-being Pack, Protection Pack, Accident Pack

Wherever you are, you can exchange with a doctor in an unlimited way!

The doctor can examine you remotely and make a diagnosis online, in France and abroad.

If your state of health requires medical monitoring or support, the doctor requested will take care of it.

You will not have to advance the costs. The service is 100% supported by Geeklay.


Tele-expertise allows a medical professional called applicant, to remotely seek the opinion of one or more medical professionals called required because of their medical specializations and their particular skills, in order to take care of a patient whose state of health requires a specific diagnosis. The patient does not enter into this tele-expertise process.

Remote monitoring

Medical telemonitoring allows a medical professional to monitor a patient remotely through the recording and transmission of medical data.

By means of a machine connected to the patient, the doctor can remotely interpret the data collected at the patient’s place of residence and necessary for his medical follow-up.

This practice concerns patients with long-term illness (ALD) who are at home, in a health establishment or in a medico-social structure.

Remote assistance

Medical teleassistance is a mutual aid process that allows a medical professional to remotely assist another healthcare professional when performing a medical procedure.

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