Coronavirus: mutual aid platforms

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Solidarity actions to fight the Covid-19 epidemic have multiplied in recent weeks. There are many who offer valuable assistance: shopping for a vulnerable person, printing and making available exit certificates, taking a neighbor’s medicine at the neighborhood pharmacy… So many gestures of solidarity that can help to cope with the epidemic without risk.

Between institutional, associative or even personal initiatives, here are some platforms for mutual aid and commitment.

On the front line is a support network that connects workers, populations at risk and volunteers.

  • You work on the front line and you need help ? Ask volunteers near you to babysit or do your shopping.
  • Are you part of the at-risk populations or do you know someone in this case? Whatever the reason (chronic illness, age, etc.), get in touch with volunteers near you to get help.
  • You want to help frontline workers and people at risk ? If you are young and healthy, volunteer your time to babysit or run errands.

The platform is accessible on: in the first line

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Faced with the Covid-19 epidemic, the Government calls for the general mobilization of solidarity. This engagement space is open to everyone. Whether you are a volunteer at heart, always accustomed to associative missions or whether you are keen, for the first time, to give a little time and energy.

The 4 vital missions:

  • Food and emergency aid: distributes basic necessities (food, hygiene, etc.) and meals to the poorest.
  • Exceptional child care: helps to look after the children of caregivers or a Child Welfare structure.
  • Link with isolated fragile people: participates in maintaining the link (telephone, video, email, etc.) with isolated fragile people: elderly, sick or disabled people.
  • Local solidarity: shop for essential products for your most vulnerable neighbours.

The platform is accessible on: Civic Reserve

SOS One Roof

Since the closure of air borders, around 130,000 French tourists are still stranded abroad. Solidarity between French people is organized around the world. SOS UN TOIT is an emergency service for connecting French people stranded abroad and French people living outside France who can accommodate them temporarily.

This site makes it possible to offer temporary accommodation for a French person stranded in a country, awaiting a return to France or to declare themselves looking for accommodation while waiting for a possible return to France.

The platform is accessible on: SOS A roof

The platform identifies civil society initiatives. Since the beginning of the crisis, many citizens have mobilized, taken collective action via various exchange platforms and organized themselves in common to provide emergency responses. Initiatives are flourishing at such a pace that it is becoming difficult to find one’s way and find one’s way through the abundance of information.

This platform aims to identify as many of these initiatives as possible to see in a more readable way all these projects that emerge from citizen mobilizations.

The platform is accessible on: Covid-initiative

And if not, you can act directly within your building

You can create a poster to put up in the common areas (elevator, entrance hall, etc.) where everyone can enter their name and telephone number to be contacted by someone in need.

Also, the device Solidarity neighbors encourages exchanges of services between residents and provides ready-made materials (posters, directories, leaflets, etc.)

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