Crypto and NFT scam: a thief betrayed by his luxury watch

captain web3 strikes again – It is good to know that the internet is not only populated by vile characters who are after your money, your cryptos or your NFT. Among all the distressing tales of flightsof phishing Or scams in all genres, we find from time to time beautiful stories. And today’s is one. It concerns the one who becomes more and more a kind of vigilante of modern times and which is called ZachXBT on social networksx. He just helped the FBI to get their hands on a loot of almost 250,000 dollars. He managed to climb back to pirate thanks to a luxury watch a bit too bling. Did you like Ridley Scott’s American Gangster? You’ll love what’s next.


An investigation that starts in December 2021 with numerous NFT thefts

It all starts in December 2021. The Blockchain Detective ZachXBT then starts to publish messages on social networks about a investigation that he will start. Indeed, he realizes at that moment that nearly 600 Discords groups and Twitter accounts related to NFT and crypto projects are compromise by a pirate. Throughout the year 2022he will accumulate evidence and identify thefts from a large community of victims.

In September of last year, he published his first results. The bloodhound of web3 highlights the digital identity of the thief. It would be a certain Chase Senecal, better known as Horror (HZ). But everything will change when ZachXBT spots on Twitter a publication of the famous @horror who shows off with a luxury watch. From there, things will speed up.

The investigation started in 2021 and continued throughout 2022. The web vigilante will compile data throughout the year on thefts and on Discord or Twitter groups infiltrated by this thief named Horror.  ZachXBT takes action!
ZachXBT starts compiling results in September 2022 – source: Twitter

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The thief betrays himself with a luxury watch from Audemars Piguet at $48,000

Our hero of the day will first try to go back up the watch track. He is, in fact, convinced that this type of watch does not run the streets. He makes his little investigation on his favorite playground which is social networks. ZachXBT finally manages to find the seller of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series covered in diamonds. The latter tells him that the payment was made in cryptos and more particularly in USDC. Bingo, the hunt can begin!

Indeed, theaddress used for payment was directly funded by several addresses used to scam people with hacked Twitter accounts. He will then transmit all this information to the FBI who will carry out a search in Brunswick, in the State of Maine, where the famous watch will be found. This all happened last October, but the FBI didn’t release the statement until February 7.

The famous watch that will have been used to trace the trail of the thief is displayed on social networks.  ZachXBT will have succeeded by dint of work and research in finding the identity of the thief.  He will then provide all the information to the FBI, which will seize the two NFTs, the ETH wallet and the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series watch at nearly $48,000.
The blockchain detective announces the end of the investigation and publishes the photo of the famous watch which will have cost its owner dearly! – source: Twitter

A nice hoard in cryptos and a vigilante still in the shadows

The Federal Bureau of Investigation document doesn’t go into much more detail about the case. We just know that Bored Ape Yacht Club #9658 and the doodle #3114 have been seized. These two NFT cost respectively 95,500 And 9,300 dollars. There was also 86.5 ETH on wallets.

The FBI has declared that confiscation is a tool available to justice:

“It allows the government to remove, without compensation to the individual, ownership of property involved in a crime. This can happen in a civil proceeding or after an individual has been convicted in a criminal trial. »

This therefore suggests that other procedures are in progress concerning the respondent. But, at this time, there is no information about it. On the other hand, it is regrettable that the federal authorities did not wish thank ZachXBT for the work done. In the meantime, this famous web3 remains the playground of crooks of all hairs and vigilantes will have a lot to do to prevent them from doing harm. Even Interpol improvises as sheriff of the metaverse !

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Last Verdict

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