Crypto market: the bear market does not disappoint professional investors

Volatility? Not even afraid – Despite a very sad year 2022 for the crypto market, and markets in general for that matter, theinterest However, it seems to have been gone for several months. At least among professionals. This is implied by the boss of the CME, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Decryption.


Crypto attracts, against and against the bear market

In 2022, investors had plenty of opportunities to take to their heels. All the more so after the FTX exchange failure, the final punctuation of a bloody bear market, the coffin of prolonged price declines. Nevertheless, it would seem against all odds that the opposite has happened. Very widely relayed by the media around the world, the announcement should have scared away the curious. It should even have comforted those who have always denigrated the crypto ecosystem in the accuracy of their analysis.

However, according to about of Terrence Duffy, it is rather the opposite that would have happened. The CEO of the CME, interviewed live by CNBC on the interest in crypto products, answered bluntly.

“Chicago Mercantile Exchange CEO Terry says he is seeing a spike in interest in their crypto products. »

Terry Duffy, CEO of the CME, talks about the renewed interest of professionals in the crypto field.
Individuals and professionals would still be interested in crypto despite the bear market, according to CME data – Source: Twitter

“It’s interesting what’s happening with Bitcoin after the events at the end of last year […]. The entire crypto industry suffered, but we did see a sudden surge in interest in our products around November and December. And this trend continues. »

Terrence Duffy

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Regulation acclaimed by institutions

Without institutional interest, it is difficult to build an uptrend. While we could have thought them disinterested by a market that accumulates setbacks – crash of Terra Luna, bankruptcy of Celsius and FTX – it would seem to be the opposite. Encouraging signs for growth of the crypto sector in 2023.

However, given the lack of clarity and regulatory framework, these institutional turn to regulated markets. There crisis of confidence that hit the exchanges after the fall of FTX has left traces that will probably take a long time to fade.

“I think people are looking for regulated markets, especially institutions. […] If we want to trade this stuff [les cryptos], we will do so on regulated markets such as the CME. In fact, we are seeing a spike in growth on our crypto products and we are very satisfied with that. »

Terrence Duffy

After dozing off for almost a whole year in a long and boring bear marketit is quite possible that the fall of FTX have woke up investors and crypto traders. A sudden renewed interest which is perhaps one of the causes of the recent surge in the price. A comeback to levels that we had not seen for several months. Is this the start of a lasting movement or just a false start? The intricate twists and turns of financial markets are always opaque and difficult to predict.

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Last Verdict

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