Crypto scam in Montpellier: 20 years of savings gone up in smoke

Ready Scammer One – In every emerging ecosystem, especially big money-making ones like crypto, scams and scams abound. Thus, all the more so when you are a beginner, the greatest caution is required. A Montpellier resident paid the price once again and lost more than 150,000 euros in the affair. Tale of misadventure.


Create blind trust…

The story begins in 2022, when a 50-year-old from Montpellier clicks on an advertising link while surfing the Internet. This man, who will be called Pierre, is interested in this period to metaverses. These strange virtual worlds brought to light thanks to the famous film by Steven Spielberg exploring this vast topic: Ready Player One. This merchant then fell into a very well-crafted trap set up by the scammers.

In August 2022, according to his metaversian peregrinations, Pierre click on an ad praising cryptocurrency. At this time, the links between crypto and metaverse are very numerous and it makes sense to come across one while looking for the other. A certain Maxime Lebon then contacts Pierre by telephone. The latter presents himself as a crypto specialist at Binance, the world’s leading crypto exchange.

“His speech was clear, his vocabulary rich and he mastered his subject perfectly. The interview lasted more than half an hour, then he hung up, telling me that we shouldn’t hurry and think carefully before investing. At no time did he try to push me. »

A speech that, all in all, inspires confidence. And it’s there let the trap close. About a week later, the famous Maxime Lebon gets back in touch. Peter tells.

“I had sold my business and I had 200,000 euros aside. […] I have [donc] placed 3000 euros [sur Binance]. A small sum, to see. I took it as a game.”

Except that beforehand, to make this deposit, Maxime sends Pierre through the fraudulent site, an intermediate platform entirely under the control of Maxime. And in the space of a few days, Pierre’s 3000 euros will become 6000.

A 50-something man lost his life savings to a crypto scam.
The scheme seems to work, the scammer Maxime Lebon thus manages to gain the confidence of Pierre

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…to maximize the crypto scam

Pierre is therefore delighted. Maxime will then offer him to invest in a new crypto, promising that each euro invested will be doubled. Of course it’s a Red light obvious when you know it. Because nothing is ever easy in investing, and even more so in crypto. But Pierre, then in total confidence and probably a beginner in the field of investment, did not see these warning signs.

A fortiori, because Maxime Lebon is… good, precisely. With each question, he had all the answers “.

” [Il connaissait les] legal texts like his pocket. I was in awe of him. »

Pierre then enters completely into the gears. He unlocks 100,000 euros.

“And that’s where he was very strong again. He refused my 100,000 euros explaining to me that the maximum he could do for me was 80,000 euros. How not to be totally confident after that? »

And a few days later, total success, in appearance. Pierre’s Binance account shows a nice total of 166,000 euros. Maxime Lebon will then propose to Pierre this time to triple his bet via a leverage. Pierre is going to bet 50,000 euros on it.

“On November 7, Maxime called me to congratulate me. My account amounted to 317,328 euros. »

Pierre then initiated the process of withdrawing this newly acquired bonus. And in the end, he will never see the color of this money. An investment of €156,593 lost. The fruit of 20 years of savings.

We can not emphasize this enough. In crypto, especially when taking your first steps in it, you should not trust anyone. Do not click on ads that haunt the net. Train yourself, learn to familiarize yourself with the sector. Nothing beats doing things on your own, at your own pace. And always keep the greatest prudence in its investments.

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Last Verdict

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