Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum land in force on Twitter

Innovations never end on Twitter – The blue bird is becoming more and more crypto-friendly. Indeed, under the impetus of the fantastic Elon Muskwho has got hold of the company in Novemberof new features appear regularly. And the latest could delight all crypto enthusiasts.

The two crypto queens take on Twitter

“BTC”, “ETH”, “Bitcoin” and “Ethereum” and all their variants are now much more than just trends in the search bar of your favorite social network, Twitter. Indeed, for a few hours, these keywords give a direct access to graphics prices of these two well-known cryptocurrencies. Since December 21, typing the acronym of a listed company on Twitter first returns to its course. And Bitcoin and Ethereum are part of it. The charts are taken directly from TradingView, the famous analysis platform.

It is now enough to type a keyword on Twitter to see the stock market price of the action or the associated crypto appear.
The Documenting Bitcoin account points to the appearance of Bitcoin price on Twitter – Source: Twitter

In addition, Twitter users can click on a link leading directly to robinhood, a trading application. They then have the option of registering with one click to buy the stock or crypto in question. Althoughno partnership has been announced between Twitter and Robinhood, this is one hell of a marketing stunt for the favorite retail broker. Indeed, the term “#Bitcoin” alone is employed approximately 120,000 times a day on Twitter. In fact, there is no doubt that this should boost the attendance somewhat on this modern-day Robin Hood.

For now, only Bitcoin and Ethereum have their prices visible from Twitter. However, it is likely that over time, other cryptocurrencies will follow in their footsteps. We might also be surprised not to see, among the lucky ones, the little favorite of the big bossnamely the cute canine called DOGE. Nevertheless, for the moment, the Shiba Inu is absent subscribers.

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Elon Musk: ever greater ambitions?

On the other hand, it is legitimate to ask whether the addition of this functionality could not lead to still greater purposes. Elon Musk could very well, by this act, prepare the ground for other major evolutions of his new baby, Twitter. In fact, a few days ago, rumors circulated on the possible putting into circulation of a “Twitter Corner”, a crypto dedicated to Twitter. Introducing stock and crypto exchange quotes could be a first step towards a financialization of the social network of the blue bird.

Nevertheless, the road will be strewn with pitfalls concerning the creation of a crypto if Twitter decides to borrow it. When we know the difficulties encountered by Facebook’s Libra which ultimately never saw the light of day.

It is clear thatElon Musk does not seem not short of ideas to put his recent acquisition back in the spotlight. It also promises many other features to come, while maintaining the convoluted behavior that we know. He typically asked his followers whether or not he should resign from the platform which he has just acquired. The vote having been positive, we will see if he will actually implement this decision. Elon Musk had however announced that he would one day or another hand over to a successor if he found “someone crazy enough to take his place”.

Elon Musk is looking for a successor to take over the management of the social network he has just acquired, Twitter.
Elon Musk looking for a crazy successor to take over the management of Twitter – Source: Twitter

The least we can say is that we are not ready to get bored with Elon Musk at the head of Twitter. This latest feature unprecedented, to say the least, is a perfect example. However, will they be sufficient to start a new wave of crypto adoption in 2023 ?

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Last Verdict

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