Cyber ​​addiction: how to disconnect?

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Do you spend hours chatting on WhatsApp? Do you no longer count the time spent on YouTube? Do you skim your Facebook feed while walking? If you answer in the affirmative, beware: you may be a victim of Cyber ​​addiction!

To avoid getting lost in the virtual world, here are some tips.

What is cyber addiction?

It is the dependence on the digital universe. In other words, it’s when you feel the compulsive need to be constantly online. In some cases, this addiction can lead to depression, anxiety or even attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADHD).

Overcoming Internet addiction: difficult, but possible!

Funny posts from your friends, stories from internet stars, videos,… Resisting a funny escape from reality is hard.

When you are connected, your brain is full of dopamine. Over time, you begin to constantly need that feeling of well-being.

When you try to limit your internet use, your brain doesn’t get the same dose of dopamine. Result: you become anxious, you have mood swings and possibly other psychological symptoms.

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Do not panic, there are simple techniques that allow you to spend time on the web without falling into cyber addiction:

1. Find other ways to express yourself

Commenting on a status or tweet is the easiest way to express yourself. But, have you ever thought of other ways?

Writing a poem or an opinion piece, drawing characters in situation, filming short films, creating personalized photo books… Expressing yourself outside the internet is not impossible.

2. Get active

Soccer, boxing, bodybuilding, aerobics… Whatever your favorite sport, make sure you make time for physical exercise. You can also add daily 10-minute meditation sessions to help you gradually get rid of your cyber addiction.

If you have to stay online for long hours as part of your job, try to take regular breaks.

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3. Hang out with friends instead of chatting online

Chatting online with your friends is cool, but at what cost? Over time, addiction is inevitable.

Nothing like a little IRL (In real Life) outing of one to two hours with friends!

4. Stay close to family

Weak family ties accentuate Internet addiction. Keep a warm bond with your family members as much as possible. Speak with them if you have problems to solve and organize 100% family evenings.

5. Manage your time

Set a time limit not to exceed on the internet and plan from the start what you are going to do: specific research, test a new online game, watch the very recent video of your favorite vlogger, etc.

6. Ask for help

If despite all this you are unable to pick up, do not hesitate to ask for help from a health professional or a coach according to your needs.

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