Davos wants to launch the SWIFT of stablecoins, to rule them all

Schwab’s unique network – The World Economic Forum (WEF) from Davos ended on January 20, 2023, but its forays into the cryptocurrency space continue. After having recently interested in DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), Davos reveals its crypto plans this time: to build a global structure to bring together all stablecoins.

An anti-white paper to centralize stablecoins with MNBCs

Whether Satoshi Nakamoto wanted to create Bitcoin (BTC) to have a currency separate from the grip of central banks, members of the World Economic Forum obviously want the exact opposite. In any case, this is what their network projectof which the whitepaper was revealed during the last Davos Forumwhich was held all last week.

The title of this project leaves no doubt about its globalist aspect: “ Universal Digital Payments Network » (UDPN). Or, in the language of Molière: “Universal Digital Payments Network”. A whole program in one title!

To design and set up this happy hyper-centralized network, nothing better than chinese experts working on central bank digital currency (MNBC) from the country of Xi Jinping. This Hong Kong-based company, Red Date Technologyhas in fact even already launched the UDPN network at the heart of the Davos forum, on January 19, 2023. Indeed, it has already been 2 years that the company works on this network, obviously in the greatest secrecy.

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Davos wants a “universal network”, but which will exclude Bitcoin

Universal is of course only a word expressing the will to impose it on the whole world, and in no way an open universalism. Indeed, in a section (page 3) that the authors have dared to entitle Features and ” advantages “ of the UDPNpoint 4 clearly indicates that Bitcoin and the cryptos “unregulated” will simply be excluded of this network.

” The network [UDPN] will only support MNBCs and regulated systems of stablecoins backed by fiat currencies (…). No unregulated public cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, will be accepted. »

If anyone was in any doubt that this Davos digital payments network is cypherpunks worst nightmarejust look at the UDPN architecture overview below. Lots of intermediaries delivered between users, and with blockchains duly “allowed” (permissioned blockchain). Yum ! Bankers revel in the idea of ​​finding their place (and above all, their commissions).

Diagram of operation of the USDN network wanted by the Davos forum.
The UDPN network hands intermediaries between individuals for their digital payments.

Yes, before your amazed (or tired) eyes, the members of the Davos forum have just created a “decentralized” network requiring permissions/permissions to be used! In other words, the WEF comes from reinvent the wheeladding some blockchain sauce to a network SWIFT 2.0which the banks may decide to cut access overnight. Either to user accounts, or to blockchain networks (for a time authorized) which would no longer comply sufficiently with state surveillance requirements. If Satoshi is no longer of this world, he must go back to his grave.

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Last Verdict

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