Delivery of Leopard tanks to Ukraine: why the German green light took so long

Ukraine: Germany looses ballast on the tanks, the Russian army tries a breakthrough... Update on the situation

Ukraine Germany looses ballast on the tanks the Russian army

As the German ministry reminds us, this green light is studied on a case-by-case basis. “During every detailed examination, the maintenance of peace, security and stability, as well as respect for human rights, are of paramount importance,” says the authorities. Difficult, moreover, not to take into account the internal political scene to explain the time necessary to take such a decision. Because the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense and the Chancellery must agree, before the Ministry of the Economy signs a final slip.

Olaf Scholz, the chancellor, is moreover from a movement, the SPD, which has long promoted a form of accommodation with Moscow, with which it is difficult to break overnight. It is moreover the fear of a military escalation with Moscow which has led, according to analysts, Germany to hesitate on sending these weapons claimed by kyiv. The Chancellor also seems reluctant to act under pressure: for example, he had waited many months before going to kyiv with the French and Italian leaders, Emmanuel Macron and Mario Draghi. Others, like Boris Johnson, had made the trip long before. Finally, Olaf Scholz knows that the delivery of tanks will not please all Germans, themselves very divided as to possible deliveries of tanks: 46% are for, 43% against, according to a recent poll for the public channel ARD .

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