Detect burnout to act quickly!

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Anxiety and demotivation win you over, do you feel frustrated in your job or out of breath every night? Be careful, these are the alarming signs of burnout!


It is a high level of stress, due to events or conditions that are too tiring. Burnout is a total exhaustion on all levels: physical, emotional, intellectual… It can affect everyone: students, professionals, inactive people…

How to avoid burnout?

To get out of this state of overwork, you must first be aware of it and take time for yourself. Your awareness will make all the difference.

Here are some solutions to regain your energy and good mood.

1. Plan activities

You can still contact your friends and schedule regular activities. It is not necessary to travel to the end of the world. Going for a hike or having a barbecue with friends can be enough to break the routine.

2. Exercise

By having a sporting activity, the chances of falling into burnout are extremely reduced. Regular exercise reduces stress levels, improves self-confidence and increases productivity.

If you tend to eat when you’re stressed, wake up the athlete in you instead.

3. Find a hobby

Do you have a hobby that is close to your heart? Whether you are an expert in golf, a beginner in drawing or passionate about football, embarking on a fun extra-professional activity will allow you to experience moments of pleasure.

You don’t have any hobbies at the moment? Look on the internet, you may find some interesting ideas there, otherwise you can always take a pen and a sheet of paper to write your first short story! Why not ?

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4. Volunteer

Sometimes life makes sense when you give to others! Think about volunteering. Do not hesitate to get closer to charities.

5. Adopt good sleeping habits

Your body needs time to rest and recover. Healthy sleep habits are essential to your well-being. Avoid caffeine before bed, establish a ritual of relaxation in bed and stay away from all sources of distraction, such as the smartphone for example.

If you suffer from insomnia, here are the good remedies for better sleep.

6. Externalize!

Over time, we may no longer remember the projects that once animated us!

If all of these tips don’t work for you, consider consulting a specialist.

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