Detox: get rid of toxins naturally

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Recurrent fatigue, loss of energy, sleep disturbances, regular headaches… These symptoms can be the consequence of the high level of toxins in your body!

The causes can be linked to the consumption of meals rich in saturated fats or composed essentially of industrial foods, to alcohol abuse, tobacco or even the inhalation of pollutants on a daily basis.

Here are our 100% detox tips!

What are toxins?

A toxin is a toxic substance produced by certain living organisms: bacteria, animals, plants, etc.

This substance endowed with a pathogenic power can be considered as a poison like the ricin extracted from a plant called ricin.

More commonly, the term toxins is used to designate substances present in excess in the body, they can be linked to:

  • The practice of excessive physical activity
  • A high degree of stress
  • The consumption of foods loaded with toxins (red meats, dairy products, etc.)
  • External pollutants (factory gas, exhaust pipes, dust, etc.)
  • The presence of heavy metals in certain fish such as salmon, tuna, swordfish…

Student mutual insurance: supplementary health insurance adapted to students and young workers

Presence of toxins in the body, what are the risks?

The human body has five organs responsible for eliminating toxins present in the body: the liver, the kidneys, the intestines, the lungs and the skin.

But faced with the accumulation of these toxins in the body, the elimination process sometimes tends to slow down and experience dysfunction, which will affect your physical and emotional health.

Here are some signs that should call out to him:

  • State of chronic fatigue
  • Digestive disorders
  • Rashes
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Regular headaches
  • Concentration problems

Detox diet or detox cure?

Detox diet

The detox diet helps purify the body, especially after a period of excess (hello end-of-year celebrations!) or during seasonal changes by filling up on antioxidants.

The detox diet is based on the consumption of whole plants or transformed into juice, for a period of one to seven consecutive days.

Very restrictive, this dietary program essentially favors the consumption of fresh vegetables, fruit juice, lemon juice and green tea.

Throughout the period of the diet, it is advisable to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day without forgetting the essential glass of warm water containing lemon juicethe morning.

This overall vegetarian diet allows the organs to effectively maintain the purification of toxins present in the body while promoting the loss of excess pounds.

Thanks to the detox diet, your immune system will be strengthened, your quality of sleep will improve and you will feel dynamic again!

Be careful, indulging in an abusive detox diet in the long term can lead to significant deficiencies.

It is therefore advisable to limit yourself to 7 days in a row at the most or one or two days a week.

Detox cure

The detox cure is a draining program supposed to cleanse the body.

Starting a detox cure is preparing your body for a new diet that will allow you to better live with the changing seasons, for example.

Opt daily for fresh and organic fruits and vegetables preferably.

You can try it juicinga treatment solely based on liquids (juices, soups and smoothies) or the mono diet which consists of eating the same food for 3 days. There are also more varied cures based on fruits and vegetables rich in fiber accompanied by food supplements herbal.

Do not hesitate to prepare your meals yourself by promoting 100% natural products from organic farming and do not forget to drink plenty of water, tea or herbal teas to keep your body hydrated.

Light and balanced meals give your organs the opportunity to more easily evacuate the toxins stored in your body.

Doing a detox cure will also be an opportunity to question your eating habits and why not adopt a healthier and more natural diet in the long term.

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Tips for eliminating toxins naturally

Here are some good habits to adopt in order to naturally eliminate the toxins stored in your body on a daily basis:

  • Drink lemon juice diluted in lukewarm water in the morning on an empty stomach
  • Turn to organic seasonal vegetables and fruits
  • Ban industrial ready-made and frozen meals from your diet
  • Take the time to chew well to facilitate digestion and avoid bloating
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco consumption as much as possible
  • Prioritize fatty foods rich in omega-3 (walnuts, herring, salmon, etc.)
  • Choose white meat over red meat
  • Stay hydrated regularly by drinking water and preparing antioxidant juices
  • Do yoga to control your breathing
  • Physical activity: walking, jogging, cycling…
  • Ventilate your interior regularly

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