DLN Trade: the new exchange that unlocks the potential of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

A newcomer to the crypto ecosystem – I’interoperability is a recurring problem in the crypto sector. Indeed, the ability of different networks and blockchain protocols to communicate and interact with each other transparently is still very fragile. By using cross-chain technology, DLN Trade hear well solve this problem. Thus, by creating a bridge between different blockchains, the exchange will allow its users toswap cryptocurrencies safely, in a transparent manner. Still in the test phase, we wanted to introduce you to this new player in the ecosystem that you will need to follow closely.


DLN Trade: security for your cryptocurrencies

DLN Trade is a crypto platform cross chain which will allow you to trade cryptocurrencies safely securitywhile providing affordable transaction fees. Simple and fast, this secure exchange will be accessible to both beginners and experienced users.

By allowing its users to trade cryptocurrencies from any blockchain (BitcoinEthereum, Polygon, …), DLN Trade offers its traders choose blockchain on which they wish to carry out transactions, and this, in complete freedom. Furthermore, an investor’s funds can be transferred between different blockchains without constraint.

Discover DLN Trade, the cross-chain exchange that frees your cryptocurrencies
DLN Trade: a new crypto exchange is born – Source: Twitter

Giving cryptocurrencies back their freedom of movement

Like this open letter on the front page of their website, DLN also carries the mission of making you travel from blockchain to blockchain in all freedom so that you can benefit from the virtues of decentralized finance.

Worn by fromBridgean interoperability protocol, the cross-chain exchange expects you to benefit from a innovative freedom of movement. Trading directly from your wallet on any blockchain, setting orders without paying gas fees, trading at lower costs, being protected from bots are all elements that constitute the very DNA of DLN Trade.

Embark on the heart of the blockchain with DLN Trade, a new option to consider for cryptocurrency trader safely. Don’t miss theopen to the public of this exchange. Follow DLN on Twitterand be the first to travel to the heart of the blockchain!

Last Verdict

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