Donald Trump’s NFT: an unexpected and resounding success

A Trumpomania that makes people talk – At the end of last week, the entire cryptosphere, as well as the media and outside observers, were surprised to suddenly discover them ” Donald Trump Digital Trading Card ». Without warning, this collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) devoted to the thunderous 45th President of the United States appeared out of nowhere. And his hit was, moreover, immediate ! However, a few strange points were noted.

Donald Trump supporters snapped up his NFTs

On December 15, 2022, a very strange collection of NFT immediately did the buzz so much did she seem to appear at onceand concerned a colorful character, hated by some, and adored by others. Of course, this is about donald trumpformer President of the United States.

This collection of 45,000 non-fungible tokens were sold at the initial price of $99 the unit. All seemed to have been sold out to the last even before 24 hours have been elapsed since this surprise NFT sale began.

Then, as the reports including The Block, the exchange price of these NFTs remained studentsdespite a very strong volatility. For part of the weekend, the floor price (floor price) of these trading cards even remained above 0.839 ether (ETH). Is around $1,000 (10 times the initial sale price therefore). At the time of writing these lines, this floor price has however fallen back towards the 0.21 ETH (approximately $250) on OpenSea, as you can see below.

Donald Trump's NFTs are very successful, even in the secondary market.
The collection of “Donald Trump Digital Trading Card” NFTs on

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Some oddities about these presidential tokens

Besides their arrival totally unexpected, these NFTs raised several questions and observations. Already, contrary to what many people simplify, it is not not directly Donald Trump, nor any of these companies, which market these NFTs. This would be an outside company (NFT INT LLC) which has bought a license to use the Trump image and brand.

Then, the work on the images of these NFTs has obviously been a bit sloppy. Indeed, some traces of watermarks (digital watermark) would still appear on some of these Trumpist cards (see the 2 examples below).

Trump's NFTs: done in a hurry?
Artist behind Trump’s NFTs left Shutterstock and Adobe watermarks – @Helloimmorgan Twitter account

Another note on liquidity of these “Number 45” NFTs. According to data from Dune Analytics (below), it turns out that on 12,874 users who have had time to mint (create) these tokens, 9,283 of them (about 72%) did not no MATIC or WETH at all. These cryptos are however essential to make transfers on polygon (blockchain network where these NFTs were issued).

9238 addresses with Trump NFTs have nothing to move them.
Nearly three-quarters of Trump token enthusiasts have nothing to move them. – Source:

Obviously, Trump fans who had no never touched to NFT have converted for the occasion. To eventually resell, or at least transfer, their precious unique token, they will have to learn how to credit their wallet of the cryptos necessary for the payment of gas fees (transaction fees). It should be noted in passing that Donald Trump is not, however, not the first family to take advantage of non-fungible token technology. Indeed, 1 year ago, it is his wife, Melania Trump who used NFTs issued on Solana (SOL) to donate the funds to charity.

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