DossierFacile: the State’s digital rental file

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It’s back to school, and you may still be looking for your rental home. This process can sometimes prove to be an obstacle course, which is why DossierFacile acts as a trusted third party to facilitate the process and put trust back at the center of the relationship between tenants and landlords.

DossierFacile: what is it?

DossierFacile is an online platform, a free digital public service run by the Ministry of Housing, which supports prospective tenants in creating a rental file simple, secure, and state-verified.

Launched in 2018, this government platform allows tenants to reassure landlords and real estate professionals they meet during a rental project.

DossierFacile will certify your documents and affix a watermark specifying that they can only be used in the context of a search for accommodation. This will prevent any risk of reuse of your files and will prevent your identity papers from falling into the wrong hands.

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How it works ?

DossierFacile is accessible by both parties:

Tenant side

  • Create your file on and upload the supporting documents required for your housing application:
  • ID
  • proof of address
  • proof of professional status
  • proof of resources
  • tax notice
  • proof of guarantor(s)

The documents are then checked by DossierFacile agents who perform a battery of tests to ensure that your file is clear, complete and consistent. Once this first step has been completed, you are informed of any corrections to be made.

  • DossierFacile validates your file after having passed all the tests to ensure the authenticity of the documents and helps you to correct it if necessary.
  • Your labeled dossier is ready to be sent as a URL link or in PDF format. All that remains is to send it to the owners.

To build a concrete rental file, go to

Owner’s side

From his online account, the owner can send a link to the teleservice to ask potential tenants to submit the supporting documents that will constitute their rental file. It is only after being verified and certified by the agents of the platform that the files will be automatically added to his account to allow him to choose.

This teleservice is also intended for managing real estate agencies to allow them to receive only complete files.

DossierFacile: an effective solution to fight against identity theft

Nothing is simpler than a false ad on a real estate ad site for a malicious person to take advantage of your rental file to extract personal documents from you.

DossierFacile therefore allows you to create a compliant and secure rental file, which you can share without fear of being the victim of identity theft.

Indeed, all the documents deposited on the platform are watermarked and include a mention indicating “Documents exclusively intended for real estate rental“. They cannot be presented for other purposes, which will prevent any fraudulent use.

If you become aware of a scam or fear that you have applied to a fake ad, you can remove the file link at any time.

With DossierFacile, you can also send your dossier link without attachments. This allows you to inform the owners that your file has been validated by the State in order to appear as a serious candidate, while keeping control of your personal data at first.

In addition to its purpose of protecting candidate tenants from abusive requests from certain landlords and fighting identity theft by securing supporting documents, DossierFacile allows candidate tenants to stand out in densely populated areas thanks to a clear, complete and consistent. The only solution to have a chance in the middle of made-up applications!

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