Drunk driving: things to avoid on New Year’s Eve

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New Year’s Eve is coming soon! A new year is coming and you want to spend a nice evening with family or friends. You may also be planning to drink and drive home.

But when it comes to your safety, improvisation has no place. Drinking and driving is very dangerous. It is therefore important to avoid certain disastrous behaviors.

Concerned about your safety, we give you the things to avoid on New Year’s Eve if you plan to drive after having had a few drinks.

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Two hours after a drink

When you consume a drink of alcohol, the level of alcohol in the blood rises for an hour and does not begin to decrease until the second hour.

And it takes an hour for the body to evacuate 0.1 gram of alcohol per liter of blood. So, to completely eliminate the alcohol level from a single drink, you need to count two hours plus the hour during which the alcohol level rises.

The only concrete way to eliminate alcohol from your blood is time. It’s scientifically proven. The recovery time varies from person to person, but it takes between two and three hours to clear a single drink of alcohol from your blood.

We tend to say to ourselves: I’m going to wait a bit before getting behind the wheel, but it’s absolutely useless if we don’t know how long it takes for the alcohol to be evacuated or if we don’t know the level of alcohol we have in his blood.

Sleep two or three hours and drive after

Drunk driving things to avoid on New Years Eve

Sleeping there, where you spent New Year’s Eve, is a very good idea, but only if you get enough sleep, i.e. minimum 8 hours, or the elimination time of 0.4 grams of alcohol per liter of blood. Taking a nap before getting behind the wheel is not enough.

You had four glasses of alcohol? It will take you 8 hours to recover.

Whether you stay awake or sleep, alcohol is eliminated from the blood at the same rate.

Drive slowly or take small roads

When you consume alcohol and drive, the effects are very significant and vary in nature and severity.

Indeed, alcohol is responsible for cerebral and cognitive alterations. You risk losing your balance, your reaction time increases, your reflexes are slowed down, distance estimation and coordination are disturbed and your visual acuity is impaired.

Whether you drive slowly or take small roads to cross fewer vehicles, will absolutely not change your state of drunkenness. Your cognitive functions are altered anyway. This translates into a moderate to severe slowdown in your abilities and when faced with an obstacle, you won’t be able to react properly.

eat more

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As stated above, only time acts on the blood alcohol level.

Just because you ate too much or consumed potentially rich foods doesn’t mean your blood alcohol level will drop. Alcohol is not diluted in food whether it is rich or not.

Drink a lot of coffee

As alcohol is not diluted in food, drinking coffee, tea, consuming lots of water or taking grandmother’s remedies does not help sober up either.

If caffeine tends to give a little energy, temporarily reduce drowsiness and increase attention, it does not improve the slowing down of cerebral and cognitive functions, and therefore does not reduce the risk of accidents.

The “house alcohol doses”

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We tend to think that two glasses is fine, but when we talk about these glasses, these are the usual doses also called “bar doses” served in cafes, bars and restaurants: 3 cl for a glass of whiskey , 3 cl for a glass of vodka, 10 cl for a glass of champagne, 10 cl for a glass of wine and 25 cl for a mug of beer. Bars and restaurants serve their drinks according to these quantities.

When you are in a private setting and serve a glass of vodka to friends or relatives, in good faith, you tend to be much more generous. In reality, we are often at two standard doses, beyond the legal limit.

Do not drink and drive !

Choose public transport, taxi or Uber to get home.

Happy New Year’s Eve 🥂🎉!

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