Earthquake in Turkey: a month later, the damage amounted to more than “100 billion dollars”

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: Peta sends animal fur coats to victims

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria Peta sends animal fur coats

“It takes time for us to understand how this disaster has been of unprecedented scale and scope”repeated Sunday the UN official on the air of the Turkish public channel TRTWorld, during a trip to the province of Hatay, where the epicenter of the earthquake was located. In this area, “40% of the buildings were damaged or destroyed”, she illustrated. The UNDP estimates far exceed those of the World Bank, which had estimated the damage caused by the earthquake and its aftershocks at more than 34 billion dollars in Turkey, and 5.1 billion dollars in Syria.

The human tolls are still provisional, a month after the disaster. The February 6 quake of magnitude 7.8, followed by another nine hours later of magnitude 7.6, killed nearly 46,000 people and injured 105,000 in Turkey, according to the latest figures. Nearly 6,000 people also lost their lives in Syria, according to the authorities.

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